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LuigiSnackBasket ML3

The Snack Basket attack.

Snack Basket is a Bro Item used in Mario & Luigi: Sibling Rivalry. When using this attack, Luigi will eat falling cookies and other sweets while the player controls him with the D-Pad. As a result of his snacking, Luigi gets very bloated; Mario then grabs him and begins to try to toss him into the air. The player has to press the A button repeatedly here to help Mario. After that, Luigi will initiate a Ground Pound-esque attack by pushing the B button. When Luigi lands, a big shockwave will hit all of the enemies on solid ground. Levitating or flying enemies can dodge this move. Pushing B right after Luigi goes in the air will make the player get an "Excellent!". This is a fairly easy Special Attack to execute, as getting an "Excellent" ranking only requires that Luigi eats most of the food.

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