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Noun - a wide range of something; a variety.

Smorgasbord BETTER

Smorgasbord is an upcoming 3D fighting game made by AzaCraft Entertainment. After many, many, many, many previous failed attempts at making umbrella games in the past, Smorgasbord is considered an amalgamation of the style of Dark's different failed series, with new and old characters being present. 


Smorgasbord doesn't play like a normal fighting game, as instead of using attacks to deplete the opponent's health bar, you are using attacks to try and knock the opponent off the stage. Attacks cause you to fly farther the more damage you take, making it easier for others to knock you off the stage. 


Playable Characters

The final roster will have 40 characters. (20 starter, 20 unlockable.) 

Starting Characters

Character Description Franchise
PikachuSSBV Full
Pika Pika! Pikachu is a quick and nimble fighter, who uses lightning attacks and can also use his Iron Tail move as a melee attack. He is very quick on his feet, and also can hit fairly hard as well.  Pokemon
Alpha Season 2
Alpha is a player of the hit MMO game TOME, and he uses the abilities he has in the game. He has fire and lightning based attacks, and can also summon a green discus shield. He is a fairly balanced character, with good strength, speed, and stamina. TOME
Sonia Nevermind
One of the five people to survive the Island Life of Mutual Killing, Sonia is a strong-willed princess of a European monarchy known as Novoselic. She can use her knowledge of serial killers in battle, as well as firing counter-arguments at people. Dangan Ronpa
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Islar
Mario's friendly pet dinosaur, Yoshi has a long tongue which he can use to grab opponents, items, or use it as a tether. Yoshi also can eat apples, which can increase his strength.  Yoshi's Island
One of the four Crystal Gems that protect the Earth. And if you think they can't, well they'll always find a way! Garnet uses her fist gauntlet thingies to hit hard, and is a very powerful fighter. Steven Universe
Ah, everyone's favorite hero, Mario, finally returns to the fray! He can throw fire balls, which give the players a fire status effect, as well as use his hammer for melee attacks. Mario has very balanced speed, strength, and stamina, as he usually would have. Super Mario Bros.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic, he's the fastest thing alive! Maybe. Probably not. Sonic is at least the fastest character in the game, using his speed to outrun any other foe. He also can use his hoverboard, attack with the Spin Dash, or use Wisp abilities.  Sonic the Hedgehog
Lego Green Lantern
The protector of the earth, Lego Green Lantern has a special function known as the Willpower Bar, which increases when you make strong attacks and combos. The Green Lantern has the ability of using his ring to make constructs to use in battle, and the more Willpower the Lego Green Lantern has, the more elaborate constructs he can make.  LEGO
Duncan TD
A delinquent and prominent cast member on Total Drama, Duncan is a fairly balanced character who can attack by throwing dodgeballs and can use his knife. He also has the unique but not quite useful ability to vandalize the stage he's playing on.  Total Drama
Female Inkling
One of the few customizable characters in the game. The Inkling wields a paint gun which can be customized, as well as customizing her appearance. The Female Inkling hits harder than the Male Inkling, and she can also turn into a squid and swim through ink.  Splatoon
Male Inkling
One of the few customizable characters in the game. The Inkling wields a paint gun which can be customized, as well as customizing his appearance. The Male Inkling is quicker and stealthier than the Female Inkling, and he can also turn into a squid and swim through ink.  Splatoon
Pokemon riolu gijinka by sanzuri-d66h19u
Humanized Riolu
Art by Sanzuri on DeviantArt
Some kawaii anime weaboo drawing someone made. Humanized Riolu has most of Riolu's strong melee attacks and aura blasts, but is now quicker to her human form. However, she has lower stamina, so it's best if you try to keep your defences up when playing as her.  Pokemon
Maka Albarn
Maka is A student at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, and the meister partner of Soul. Maka's main method of attack is using Soul's weapon form, which is a large scythe, to perform strong attacks and hit enemies from a distance. Soul Eater
Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki Hyper Accion HD Render
The token love interest of some anime about a virtual reality or whatever. Asuna wields a sword which she can use for quick jabs at enemies, and is a fast character with strong stamina. She is a character much like Marth in Super Smash Brothers, using not brute force but rather quick strikes with her sword to defeat enemies.  Sword Art Online
Homura Akemi
A gloomy magical girl who appears in these games way too much. She can use her guns as her main weapon of attacking, and can also speed up or slow down time. She relies more on long ranged attacks in battle, and isn't very good with close combat. Madoka Magica
Steven Universe
Steven Universe
Half human, half sentient rock man, Steven Universe is one of the four protectors of Beach City known as the Crystal Gems. He can eat Cookie Cats to gain energy, and can also create a protective bubble around himself, or make a shield to protect himself from harm. Steven Universe

Unlockable Characters

Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
The wielder of the Monado, Shulk can wield the Monado as a melee weapon, and also can alternate betweeen many charms that give him speed, strength, or stamina, as well as others. Xenoblade Win 10 Matches
The iconic hero of Pokemon, Red can capture people in Pokeballs, and he also can use his pokemon, such as Charizard or Squirtle, to help him fight with special attacks. Pokemon Win 20 Matches
Bucky w glasses
Buck Dewey
One of the resident Cool Kids in Beach City, Buck Dewey always has a cool and chilled attitude, and he is known for being the President's son. (Much to his dismay.) He attacks by using a gun that shoots out various shirts as projectiles.  Steven Universe Win 30 Matches
Beta Knight
The original design for Meta Knight. He still has his quite and reserved personality, but now he's a cute widdle butterfly! Beta Knight can use his butterfly wings to fly in the air, and also can use his sword as a melee weapon. He is very swift when it comes to attacks, but doesn't hit very hard.  Kirby Win 50 Matches
Enderlox by casandraponyartist-d6tjbkg
Art by Laser-Ponies on DeviantArt
A popular character in the MC Youtube fandom. Apparently he's Deadlox but fused with an Ender Dragon and he kills people or some shit. Enderlox can fly, shoot energy blasts, a well as wield an Iron Sword and can summon Endermen to help him fight.  DeviantArt Defeat him in Story Mode


Starting Stages

Stage Hazards Franchise
Pahkitew Island
  • Rocket Trees will occasionally come crashing down, dealing damage.
Total Drama
  • Ridley is replaced by an army of Toucans who shoot lasers out of their eyes, because Ridley is too big. 
Dream Land
  • None
Toad Circuit
  • Other racers will run into you, dealing damage.
Mario Kart

Unlockable Stages


There are 10 different announcers to choose from. All of them are accessible at the start of the game and don't have to be unlocked. 

Character Description Franchise
Chris McLean Total Drama
Chris McLean
The default announcer you're set with, Chris McLean is the host of Total Drama Island, so he's kinda used to the announcing buisiness. He is a fairly average announcer, and he enjoys watching the players' misery.  Total Drama
Agent Smith
As soon as you take a look at this guy, you know he means buisiness. He always talks in a slow, droning voice.  The Matrix
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu - Danganronpa
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
He fucking swears all the fucking time, man.  Dangan Ronpa

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