Smorgas Dimenticus
Smorgy (Kandy Shop) by WereWaffle
Full Name Smorgas Dimenticus
Current Age 27
Gender Male
Species Candy Humanoid
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Raw Sourtron Energy


Smorgy (Nickname)

Smorgas (Second Nickname)

First Appearance Kandy Shop

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Smorgas Dimenticus, or Smorgy is an inter-dimensional traveling bounty hunter who makes his debut as the final unlockable character in Kandy Shop.

He is mostly known for his ability to unleash powerful energy beams made out of raw sourtron energy which he was able to harness over time when he traveled through various dimensions.






Smorgy sports pure white skin as well as pure white eyes due to being composed of sugar. He wears a black tank top with a small tear on the left side of his stomach in addition, he also wears 2 brown belts, one latched onto his left shoulder and the right side of his chest, and the other wrapped around his waist.

He wears a pair of navy blue jeans with torn edges at the end of both pant legs along with torn socks that expose his toes.

His hair appears to be a lighter shade of black with a red headband tied around his head accompanied with two red wristbands that he wears on both of his left and right wrists. He also has a continuous, glowing teal-green flame burning on both of his hands which is in fact, the Sourtron Energy he wields.


Smorgy is able to unleash powerful energy blasts with raw Sourtron Energy which he was able to harness due to multi-dimensional travel. With this power, he is able to shoot sour beams in multiple directions and ways in order to attack anyone who gets in his way.

Smorgy also wields the power of mimicry, which grants him the ability to momentarily copy non-projectile moves from other fighters as well as doubling the power of said copied attack.

Smorgy also has the ability to summon portals that rip through various dimensions. He uses this ability mainly for travel purposes, however he can use the portals for teleportation and to damage anyone within them. Despite wielding this ability, Smorgy is only able to summon a maximum of two portals at once, as he is not able to create more than one due to the damage it may cause to other dimensions, and it may alter or remove his Sourtron abilities completely.


Kandy ShopEdit

Smorgy makes his first debut as the fifteenth and final unlockable character of Kandy Shop in which he is obtained by clearing Arcade Mode on Hot difficulty or playing a total of 110 matches.

Smorgy's main moveset revolves around the usage of his Sourtron Energy abilities which he applies to his physical-based attacks and projectile based moves in order to burn and damage opponents easily.

Smorgy can also use his mimicry ability in order to counter-attack and steal non-projectile moves from other fighters. Performing this move also doubles the power of the attack significantly, which can either send opponents flying or result in a K.O depending on how high the damage count is before an opponent is attacked by Smorgy.

Smorgy's Candy Combo, Sourtron Giga Beam summons 2 vortex-like portals with one vacumming up anyone who comes in contact with it. Once someone is inside the portal, Smorgy will then unleash a powerful beam which will immediately damage anyone who unfortunately got sucked into portal.

The combo will then end with the beam releasing a final blow, which will rocket out anyone out of the second portal resulting in either a high knockback, or an instant K.O depending on how much damage the other players had before the combo.

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