Smithy Pearson is a side character in the Ella-Metals series, he is Kaisser Cassia's loyal butler. And only appears in Ella-Metals 3.


Smithy is loyal and faithful, but is a bit of a gossip. He was brainwashed in the mood that he was in whilst being brainwashed. Which was rather happy, in contrast to his collauge, Marta Pencilla.


Before becoming controlled by the chessboard, little was known about Smithy, except for him being known for being loyal and used to work for one of VineVille's rich houses and constantly call him by his previous master's name, "Lord Roper", making Kaisser angry yet unable to teach differently.

In the final battle, he fights with Kaisser's Army. He attacks with cloche's, but is rather slow, but is stronger than Marta.


  • He speaks with a broad British RP accent.
  • Unlike Marta, he doesn't accepts Stella's commands for unknown reasons.


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