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Smile (reboot)
Smile, ghostborn hero.
Full Name Smile
Current Age 25 (physically), ??? (actually)
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Ghost, Human (previously)
Location Spirit Universe
Align Heroic
Current Status Alive, roaming the multiverse
Class The New Order
Main Weapon(s) Spirits
Ability/ies Stretchy limbs, possession, spirit control
Vulnerable To Working with others
Nationality American (previously)
Ethnicity Caucasian (previously)
Height 5'11 ft. (160 cm)
Weight 120 lbs. (as a human)
Anthony Smyle (as a human)
First Appearance GHOST SMILE
Latest Appearance GHOST SMILE III
Smile is the main and titular character of the GHOST SMILE series. Smile is a ghostborn, which means he was born as a ghost. Yearning for true life since birth and feeling out of place due to his rare status, he embarked on a quest to retrieve the Crystal of Shadows, an artifact that would grant life to a ghost.

Although he successfully earned it and had a taste of life, two big adventures irreperably changed him, becoming the embodiment of Order following the original's death at the hands of Chaos. Now a lone wolf and tragically a ghost eternally, he protects the multiverse from threats as he travels alongside his constant companions: the Spirits. Reception for the character has been pretty positive.



Smile was "born" in an unknown time in the Spirit Universe, the son of two ghosts as all ghostborns are. As he grew, Smile felt out of place, having never have been a human. He took comfort in books, staying away from other ghosts. From the books he learned about life and sought for a way to become a human.



Fantendo Sports Resort

GHOST SMILE: Spooky Spirits

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

GHOST SMILE: Block n' Boo!



Smile is a fairly nice guy who keeps to himself and is not a big fan of social interaction, preferring to read a book. Due to his status as a Ghostborn, it made him relatively unsocial. Despite this, he tries to help people when he can, but has his limits, such as when the Spirit Council forced him to help and will snap if pestered enough.

Following GHOST SMILE II, Smile becomes much more experienced and mature, having been changed by his travels. Despite this, he still retains his good nature and antisocial personality. After Spooky Spirits, he decides to become a hero for those in need.



Smile is a tall and relatively large ghost who has a blob/sludge like appearance with neon green eyes and a neon green mouth.


Smile is a tall skinny human with long dark hair and green eyes.


Smile has stretchy appendages which he can use in melee combat, something he is quite skilled at, and can morph his elastic appendages into various shapes. He can also possess certain creatures, just like other ghosts, and summon various Spirits who each have their own unique abilities.