Smile, as he appears in Fantendo ObstaCourse.
Full Name Smile
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Lawful good
Family and Relations
Isabella (wife) *
Main Weapon(s) Universal Shift Tool
First Appearance Ghost Smile
Latest Appearance Ghost Smile 3

Smile is the titular hero of Ghost Smile. He is a Ghostborn, meaning that he died at birth but returned as a ghost. He is something of a bookworm, as indicated by the large stack of books next to him in his Ghost Smile D.I.Y. interview.


In the first Ghost Smile game, Smile fought Mythic for the Mortality Crystal, which allows a ghost to become mortal and live life as a human. He succeeded and became mortal, though he was forced to return to ghosthood in Ghost Smile: 2nd Chance, in which he fought Mythic once again.
In Ghost Smile 3 (which retcons most of 2nd Chance), Smile travels through time to defeat Mythic, who is using a time machine of his own to derail history.


Smile is friendly and outgoing, and enjoys reading.


A full gallery of all artwork of Smile.

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