Hello this is my first story here. I'm the admin at the Super Smash Bros. Wiki. Just wanted to spoof what little I know of Brawl's story and make a wacky one. Not too wacky. It's rated E for everyone!

The Arena

Silence settles upon the Smash World as dawn washes over the Arena. "Today's matchup: Mario and Kirby" announces the mysterious announcer with a curiosly nasal voice. The crowd goes wild, foaming at the mouth and demanding violence of the pink and cuddly sort, or mustacheod from the elegant spectators. In the Smash world few competitors are as well known as Mario and Kirby. Peach and Zelda sit in the stands and clap upon hearing the exciting news.

"Take your positions on the battlefield. The terms of battle: whoever is thrown out of the ring first loses." Announced the Announcer whose identity was actually a Bulborg with a goatee. After the initial excitement the people in the stands realize this is a death match where whoever loses will turn into a trophy and become the property of the victor meaning one of their favorite fighters will fight their last fight. The cheers die down and the crowd waits in anticipation. Mario and Kirby make their way onto the battlefield at the center of the arena and wave to their spectators before the battle begins. Mario tips his hat, Kirby waves with both stubs.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" shouts the announcer and the battle begins. Kirby starts off with a dash and slash with his mighty air cutter ability while Mario returns with a squirt with FLUDD. Kirby, all washed up, is left vulnerable and Mario dashes to his side and delivers a 1-2 punch and a mighty kick. Puffing maddly Kirby escapes and lands behind Mario. Taking a deep breath *Whump* Mario is deposited into the digestive system of a creature half his size. Kirby firmly holds his mouth shut and enjoys the subtle favors one tastes when eating a sweaty Italian plumber who eats mushrooms regularly. Quickly now, Kirby passes Mario through and gains his Fire Flower ability. Mario, disturbed beyond all belief, is stunned and Kirby launches two fireballs his way. "Doh!" Mario grunts as he's hit. Kirby goes for the kill when, wait, a smash ball appears from over the horizon! Mario, gaining a glitter of hope, leaps into action to smash the smash ball while Kirby puffs for it too. With every landing hits the coat of the smash ball brightens, ready to break forth with unmatched power. Mario lands a successful punch and the smash ball shatters, coursing energy through his veins. The nervous Kirby watches as the arena grows dark and Mario's eyes glimmer with the malice contained in the smash ball.


From a distance he watches and chuckles as he watches the battle unfold. "Tear into him. Heh heh heh."

The Agreement

Running madly, Kirby launches fireballs at Mario till he's out of breath. Patiently, Mario follows in close pursuit, waiting for the right time to unleash the power of the smash ball. Suddenly, Mario hears and unfamiliar voice and snaps, forgetting all logic and strategy. Welling with power, Mario pushes his hands forward and spews the duel flames of fury, his signature move, called the "Mario Finale". And indeed it was as Kirby ran and turned to see spiraling pillars of fire come ever closer and lick his body like a camp fire on marshmallows. Caught in the explosion, Kirby is launched away from the battlefield and lands on the dirt ground. Kirby's body stiffens and raises erect as he dies and his golden pedestal raises from the dirt.

All the while Mario returns to his normal self and rejoices on his victory. Yet, seeing Kirby lifeless and still was so unnatural to him. Although all fighters were warned against the dangers of compassion, Mario couldn't help keep it from his mind. Dozens of famous warriors: Link, Samus and his old pal Yoshi, were expelled to the untamed world for not particpating in fights. In his moment of triumph Mario grabs the trophy of Kirby and revives him. Kirby, grateful and of like mind, shakes Mario's hand as he offers. The crowd is pleased by their change of heart and cheers for them knowing they've done the right thing. Peach and Zelda are proud as the heros have chosen the way of peace.

The Punishment

Kirby and Mario wave to their fans as they notice a storm cloud roll in.

More to come

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