SmasherLink's Super Smash Bros. X, or Super Smash Bros. X (Though someone took the title already), is a 4-Player game for the PC, and Possibly Playable through DSi, or 3DS. It will feature 55 Regular Characters, 55 Regular Stages, and 50 Items.


Unofficial Rosters, may change during upcoming demos.

Things in bold are unlockable.

Not all are here.

Characters Stages Items


Final Destination Smash Ball
Bowser Battlefield Assist Trophy
Peach Mushroom Kingdom I Battle Cards
Luigi Mushroom Kingdom II Wild Cards
Bowser Jr. Mushroom Kingdom III Soul Eater
Link Delfino Plaza Deku Nut
Zelda Bowser's Castle Green Shell
Young Link Kokiri Forest Red Shell
Ganondorf Bridge of Eldin Spiked Shell
Vaati Great Sea Hammer
Pikachu Hyrule Castle Golden Hammer
Mewtwo Hyrule Temple BAN Hammer
Jigglypuff Temple of Time Motion Sensor Bomb
Kirby Pokemon Stadium Bob-Omb
Meta Knight Dreamland Home Run Bat
Pit Fountain of Dreams Beam Sword
Snake Skyworld Scythe
Marth Shadow Moses Island Fan
Roy Castle Seige Crate
Sora Twilight Town Barrel
Riku Memories Skyscraper Exploding Barrel
Marluxia Where Nothing Battles Capsule
Axel Angel of Death Battlefield Magic Boomerang
Zexion Destiny Islands Ray Gun
Saki Green Hill Zone Super Scope
Sonic Flying Battery Zone Sonic Pad
Knuckles Fountain of Doom Smart Bomb
Shadow Fountain of Salvation Black Hole Generator
Azrael Xcrete Field Shuriken
Blade Namek Bomb
Blue Android Cell's Battlefield Battle Ax
Goku Karakura Town Silver Arrow
Vegeta Soul Society Great Knife
Ichigo Hueco Mundo Chainsaw
Renji Hell
Cloud NES Battlefield
Black Mage Hollow Bastion
Samus Brinstar
Chrono Brinstar Depths
Lloyd Tower of Salvation
Kratos Kongo Jungle
DK Jungle Japes
Diddy Kong Brambles Ice Level
Yoshi Yoshi's Island
Fox Yoshi's Story
Falco Sector Z
Krystal Corneria
Ness Onett
Captain Falcon Mute City/Port Town Aero Dive
Matt Heaven's Gate
Naruto Construction Bridge
Sasuke Konaha Village
Megaman Cutman's Arena
Zero Castle Wily
Insanity Valhalla


Player 1:

P=Attack/Final Smash




A/D=Left/Right (In order)

I=Shield (If Implemented)

U=Grab (If Implemented)


Classic Mode

Classic Mode is a mode that will be implemented in the first demo. It will feature 10 Stages, in which the player has to defeat certain enemies to proceed. Stock Limit: 5.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is a mode that will be implemented in the 3rd Demo. It will also feature 10 stages, in which you have to explore and get to the finish line. There is no time limit. Stock Limit: 5. It along with Shadows of Dispair will be in the EXE version.

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode is a mode that will be in the final release. It will feature all 55 characters, but due to that many, their health will be cut in half. Time rises each fight. Stock Limit: 1.

Smash Mode

Smash Mode is the regular mode in Vs. Mode. You can pick from 55 characters, and 45 stages. Time Limit: 1-Infinity. Stock Limit: 99. Level Limit: 9. Will be in first demo.

Adventure Mode: Shadows of Dispair

Shadows of Dispair is the EXE version of Adventure Mode. You have to travel around the land and defeat many villians.