Shovel Knight
Shovel knight render by mrthatkidalex24-d9al7vt
Series Shovel Knight
Availability Default
Stages StageiconplainsStageiconpolar

Shovel Knight is the famous titular protagonist of the indie platformer Shovel Knight and was the first character revealed for Smashed.

Shovel Knight is also intended to be the most balanced character, serving as the "Mario" of this Smash fangame.

Shovel Knight's moveset is varied, ranging from the multitude of powerful relics at his disposal to the familiar melee attacks he performs with his trademark shovel.

Shovel Knight is the heroic protagonist of the smash indie hit of the same name, where he travels across the lands in search of his beloved partner Shield Knight.
While on his travels, Shovel Knight faces a variety of poor-manned knights, devoid of honor, and greets them all with an expression that says "I am wearing a helmet and you cannot see my face."
Shovel Knight always treats those who he meets with the highest amounts of respect and politeness, whether or not they are actually worthy of such courtesy.
Shovel Knight's Sticker Description


Shovel Knight is a character intended to be as balanced and average as possible. He plays and fights as you'd expect from a character like that.
No attack comes out too fast or too slow (minus a few odd ones out), and the same is said for his movement and jumping ability.
In addition, Shovel Knight's are kept at a reasonably close range, minus his neutral special and up special.


Normal Moves Description Effect
Jab Shovel Knight swings his shovel in an upwards arc. The animation is based off of his basic attack in
Shovel Knight.
Side Tilt A reaching slash, in the opposite direction of the jab. Multi-Hit
Up Tilt Shovel Knight twirls his shovel once over his head. None
Down Tilt Shovel Knight sweeps his shovel close to the ground. None
Dash Attack Shovel Knight skids forward a bit on a Mobile Gear, stopping quickly. The gear's grinding is a multi-hit. Multi-Hit
Forward Smash Shovel Knight holds his shovel over his shoulder before swinging it around him in a wide arc. Based on his chargeable attack from Shovel Knight. None
Up Smash Shovel Knight tosses a Throwing Anchor upwards, its height varying depending on the amount of time the attack is charged. Multi-Hit
Down Smash Shovel Knight jabs his shovel into the ground in front of him. Any opponent hit by this attack is buried briefly. Bury
Neutral Air Shovel Knight performs a very similar move to his jab. Based off of his air attack in Shovel Knight. None
Forward Air Shovel Knight swings his shovel in a clockwise quarter-circle, starting the swing in front of him and ending below. Meteor Smash
Back Air Shovel Knight thrusts the dull end of his shovel behind him swiftly. None
Up Air Shovel Knight raises his shovel straight upwards. None
Down Air Shovel Knight thrusts his shovel below him and bounces on any opponents unlucky enough to be caught underneath him. Based on his down aerial attack from Shovel Knight. Meteor Smash
Grab Shovel Knight simply reaches out. A low-range grab. None
Pummel A quick hit from the Dust Knuckles. None
Forward Throw Shovel Knight flings the grabbed opponent forwards. None
Back Throw Shovel Knight spins around and tosses them in the opposite direction. None
Up Throw Shovel Knight smacks his adversary into the air with a wide shovel uppercut. None
Down Throw Shovel Knight buries his opponents for just a second. This move has a low chance of spawning a recovery item. Bury
Neutral Special A quick shot from the Flare Wand. Can be done twice in quick succession. Fire
Side Special Shovel Knight punches forward with the Dust Knuckles.
Slow startup, inspired by Jigglypuff's side special in the Smash games.
Up Special Shovel Knight is raises diagonally upwards using the Propeller Dagger. Works similarly to Mario's up special in the real Smash. Multi-Hit
Down Special This move takes a moment or two to prepare itself. After being fully charged, Shovel Knight will place a covered platter on the ground in front of himself. Attacking this platter will remove the lid, revealing either a lit bomb (which only takes a moment to detonate itself) or, rarely, a delicious cooked turkey. The turker resores a large amount of health, making this a high risk/high reward move, especially considering how long it takes to use. Health Restore
Final Smash Shovel Knight blows into the War Horn, momentarily trapping everyone in its radius in place before launching them away. Multi-Hit


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  • 10/7/16 - Shovel Knight is added.