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Welcome to Smash Bros. Domain! Here I, XXXXX, will give you in depth information on the characters, stages, modes, items, and possibly even music for a game that will probably never be released, Super Smash Bros. Strife! Doesn't that sound like fun? Well, it probably will be even if you said "no."
it wouldn't be Smash BROS without Mario! "Mr. Nintendo" wants another taste of Smash! and it looks like he'll get it! Mario's Moves stay the same, and he remains a well balanced character. That special trait gives new players a chance to warm up and get used to Smash Bros.
Mario Final Smash
You should know that mario's final smash is a bit different from before. The Fire Mario Blast allows him to shoot a thick, continuous stream of fireballs. But this time, he can aim it!
Super Mario World
It's World 1-1 from the original NES game. By hitting the ? block from the bottom, you can get an item. Well, as long as at least one type of item is set to appear. If you jump into a warp pipe, as long as there's another pipe on the screen you'll come right out of a random other. Oh, and occasionally, something else will happen. You'll sometimes be warped to World 1-2!
Link, the hero of time, winds, and twilight! He's the hero of Hyrule and he's here for Strife. He uses a variety of weapons, like a sword, a bow and arrow, bombs, and a boomerang. He's pretty heavy, but that just makes him fly lower went knocked back.
Princess Zelda
The magical princess of Hyrule has come back for the third time. She has strong magical attacks that can deal decent ammounts of damage at a time, and she can do something ELSE too. You know. THAT thing.
You see, by using the down special move, Twilight Transform, she turns into Sheik, her alter ego from Ocarina of Time. Of course, in Twilight Princess, Sheik didn't appear, so this is the design from the Twilight Princess before the game's concept had fully developed. Sheik's moves contrast Zelda's. Instead of doing large damage with a few attacks, she deals large damage with multiple attacks that are so fast that it almost seems like the same.

But remember, it's a different style.
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr! It's him! It's him! The character fans have been waiting so long to see is finally here! He's a little on the short side, but his magic E. Gadd brush is how he does his very powerful special attacks. Use him if you want someone who has mainly short range. Oh! And I should tell you that there just might be a "semi-clone" of our young painting pal, but I can't tell you who just yet...
Paint Burst
Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash is, of course, a paint based attack. A huge explosion of magic paint to be exact. It does massive damage with massive knockback. It's pretty useful!

Final Blow

Link's final smash is reminiscent of the first hidden skill taught by the Hero's Shade. In the original game and in this one, the final blow could never be survived. This final smash causes 250 damge and has the knockack of 10 smash attacks! There is almost no way to live through this final smash! Of course, that's why it's so hard to aim, but if you get it right...

Ai Ai

Ooh! Can it be? A third party character? Yes it is. Ai Ai has the same moves as Sonic from SSBB, but with different animation. Oh, and you didn't think I'd only include Ai Ai to represent Sega, did you? Well, as a two-in-one Sega bonus, you get...


Yep. It's Sonic the Hedgehog.

All images for Super Smash Bros. Strife! that were made by XXXXX are for Strife! use only. The only exception is the emblems for games. If you want to use the other images, ask XXXXX.