Smash of the Titans is a downloadable game for the Wii U made by Drack Games. It is made to be a spinoff of the Super Smash Bros. series, and thus it has a more out-there roster then most Smash Bros. games with loose boundaries on what characters can be included, but not enough for it to be considered a full-fledged umbrella game. 


Smash of the Titans was a secret project being worked on over the course of about a week before it's public realease. It's original form was released as an odd game known as "Super Smashers Five," and the only playable character was Fox, the only playable stage being Final Destination, and items being unavailable. People thought it to be some sort of joke game, perhaps a bootleg intended to fool people into believing it was a standard Smash Bros. game. Just a week after the original version's release, many more characters were added to the game, (including but not limited to Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Samus, and Link) along with more stages and items, and its official name was revealed.

Over the course of the next few months, more updates were added, and the full game is slated to be released January 2017.


The gameplay is similar to main Super Smash Bros. games. I shouldn't even have to explain beyond that. You know how this works by now.

In August of 2016, it was revealed that there would be a Story Mode that played similarly to Subspace Emmisary from Smash Bros. Brawl. There is also a Boss Rush mode, where you can fight all the bosses from Story Mode along with some new ones. 


Starting Characters

Character Info


100px-SSB Mario Series
Mario is, of course, the most popular nintendo character of them all, so he had to be here. He is a balanced character and is good for beginners, using various abilities from his games during battle, such as shooting fireballs, kicking koopa shells, whacking people with his hammer, or using FLUDD to get a bit more of an extra jump boost. 


SSB Mega Man Series
He's a robot. Who fights. Superly. He, like Mario, is a more balanced character, and can use weapons like the throwable Metal Blades, protect himself with the Leaf Shield, shoot out Crash Bombs, and also lift people and throw them with the Strong Arm. However, his standard weapon is the Mega Buster, which shoots out small blasts that do little damage, or shoot charged blasts that are more powerful. 


SSB Kirby Series
Kirby is a pink, MERCILESS eating machine, and the Hero of Dreamland. Kirby's main ability is to swallow people, and then spit them out and use their own abilities against them. 


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
The Hero of Time is here, sporting a brand new design exclusively made for this game. He uses the same Master Sword that he is known for, but now his moveset is changed more to revolve around his bow and arrow, and other long ranged attacks such as hurling bombs at people or using the Hookshot. 
SSB Star Fox Series
Fox is the leader of Starfox, a team of anthropomorphic animal heroes who protect the galaxy. Nintendo is weird. He has many gadgets and gizmos to use, such as a laser pistol, a reflector shield, and he can even set himself on fire! Yeah... Nintendo is very, very, weird. 


180px-SSB Metroid Symbol
A well known bounty hunter across the galaxy, Samus is an orphan who was raised by alien birds and uses a powerful suit of armor to fight evil aliens. She is more swift and agile then her armored form in Smash, but has more power then her Zero Suit. Her main weapon is an arm cannon, which shoots plasma blasts, missiles, and bombs, as well as having a laser whip built in. 
SSB Undertale Symbol
Undyne is the brave warrior and hero of the Underground, and is prone to using... agressive means to perform everyday tasks, such as cooking. Her main weapons are her spears, which she can shoot from any direction or angle. She also has incredibly high stamina, making it difficult to kill her. 

King Dedede

SSB Kirby Series
The greedy king of Dreamland and Kirby's frenemy, King Dedede is a heavyweight character whose main weapon is his hammer. He can also send out his minions, the Waddle Dees, to do some fighting for him. 


SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon and probably the only one your grandparents know exists. He is a quick fighter, using electric-based attacks to shock his enemies. The only downside is that Pikachu has very low stamina compared to other fighters. 

Unlockable Characters

Character Info

Junko Enoshima

The leader of the villainous organization of Ultimate Despair, Junko is an insane woman who dedicates her life to spreading misery around the world. She usually has her Monobear robots do most of the fighting for her, and they can also self-destruct or be used as dummies. She also can cause spears to appear from the ground, impaling people nearby.


SSB Wario Series
Wario is Mario's lame nerd evil counterpart, and spends most of his time trying to get Ca$h M0ney by any means possible. He is a tank-like strong character, being able to grab people by biting them and running over people with his motorcycle.  


SSB Sonic Series
You gotta go quickly! Sonic was Sega's main meme since day one, and he returns to battle here! He is the fastest character in the game, and can attack using quick punches and kicks, along with using Wisp power ups and his special shields.


SSB Sonic Series
What happens when the Linkin Park fandom meets the Furry fandom? This abomination. Shadow is Sonic's dark counterpart, and while he plays similarly to him, he uses various guns and vehicles instead of Sonic's power-ups. Edgy. 


SSB Street Fighter Series
Ryu is the main protagonist of the popular Street Fighter fighting game series, and since he hails from a fighting game himself, he is one of the more powerful characters in the game. He attacks with strong punches and kicks, and he also has some special abilities like the Hadouken, a powerful energy ball, and Shoryuken, an upwards punch that acts as a good recovery move. If all else fails, he can transform into his Evil Ryu form for extra power.


Starting Stages

Unlockable Stages


Assist Trophies

Unlocking Requirements



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