Creator(s) Pyrostar, Supersonicdarkness, Kirbymariomega, Hamclub13
Broadcaster(s) Fantendo Network
Genre(s) Randomly changes
First Air Date(s)
April 15th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Smash Up is a TV show created by the Fantendo community set in the world of Super Smash Bros. The show is notable for it's slightly twisted views on the Nintendo characters included, as well as the constantly changing writers of episodes.


  • Mario: An angry lunatic that hates everyone. 
  • Luigi: The cowardly brother of Mario with big dreams that he wants to fulfill, if he can stop being such a scaredy-cat first. 
  • Peach: A princess who goes through rapid mood swings and may be bipolar. She makes sure the press doesn't know that though.
  • Toadsworth: Peach's pretentious assistant who is hated on by everyone behind his back. He controls Peach's public image and makes sure no questionable information slips through the cracks. 
  • Link
  • Toon Link
  • Zelda
  • Master Hand: The resident jerk with a heart of gold. Master Hand is a no nonsense fighter who is embarassed by his psychotic brother.
  • Kirby: A Popopo who is obsessed with food. Rather oblivious and naive, but always there to lend a hand to anyone in need.
  • Pikachu
  • Pichu
  • Jigglypuff: This Pokémon works at the mansion's bar as a singer. Originally fell in love with Kirby, but soon grew distant from him and now hates the puffball.
  • Yoshi
  • Wario: A lazy fat guy who thinks that he is way more competent then he actually is. 
  • Crazy Hand: Master Hand's crazy brother and a jerk with a heart of jerk.
  • Sonic
  • Nana & Popo: Beautiful cinnamon rolls too good for this earth, too pure. 
  • R.O.B.: The hands' butler who secretly hates them. 
  • Ike: An overly-obsessed LARPer, who is always caught up in his own world. Don't worry, he always means well....I think. 
  • Marth: A gloomy young man who always speaks in a monotone voice and is always very serious.
  • Lucina: A Marth fanboy who Falco falls in love with. She believes she has time-travelling powers, but everyone else doesn't think so. 
  • Falco: A total perv who has the hots for Lucina. He is also drinking buddies with Pac-Man. 
  • Pac-Man: 
  • Mimi: A total bitch that enjoys screwing everyone over and messing with people by shape-shifting.
  • Inkling: An FPS fanatic, she's always challenging everyone to paintball tournaments or graffitti contests or whatever, and has a hyperactive personality. 
  • E. Gadd: A kinda crazy old guy who is obssesed with science and is in charge of making all the items used by the fighters in their battles.


Writers for the show may place their episode ideas here.

Episode Name Written By... Story Summary Notable Characters
Smash Chase TheFoxyRiolu When a Smash Ball is accidentally let loose in the Nintendo universe, the Smashers compete to catch it first. All
Just Peachy Pyrostar To the rest of the Smashers, Princess Peach seems like the fairest of them all. However, under her sweet exterior lies a very imbalanced core... Peach, Mario, Toon Link
There Goes The Neighborhood SuperSonicDarkness One night at the bar, Falco and Pac-Man are drinking when they accidentally summon a monstrous beast and have no idea how to stop it. Falco, Pac-Man
Smash Run Sr.Wario The heroes have their first encounter with a long kept secret brother of Master Hand: Crazy Hand, who traps them in a labirynth where they must collect weapons for a final battle while Master Hand works to stop it. Crazy Hand, Master Hand, All
Classic Mode Hamclub13 The Hands engage in a grueling game of chess... with a twist. Master Hand, Crazy Hand
Competitive CSketch Falco is invited over by some friends for a Smash fight with some weird rules: No items in a plain stage. Now the rules have been spreading all over the mansion and the fighters must try to stop it from spreading any more or E. Gadd will go bankrupt. Falco, E. Gadd, Nana & Popo and Peach.

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