• Castle: Home building
    • Produces Toads, which can build and repair buildings, and collect resources.
    • Provides Generation advancement
  • Piranha Plant: Botanical structure with Sharpsight and Fire. Defensive structure, has an attack.
  • Bungee Piranha: Botanical structure. Defensive structure. Has a slow attack, but hits multiple units at once, although only ground units. Has Sharpsight.
  • Observatory: Provides general research. Later in the game, can also be used to spy on enemies.
    • Calcium Fodder - Raises defense of all shelled fighters.
      • Raised Calcium Fodder - Raises defense further of all shelled fighters.
    • Piranha Plant Multiseed - Upgrades Piranha Plants into Twin Piranha Plants.
  • Mushroom Bank: Used to return resources. Also has the unique ability to store away Cash, to be returned with interest at a later time.
  • Toadstool: Botanical structure, harvested for Food.
  • Critter Pipe: army building
    • Goombas - light melee unit
    • Koopas - light ranged unit
    • Magikoopas - spellcaster unit, requiring generation II. Has the following spells:
      • Morph - temporarily turns an enemy into a mushroom, making it unable to attack.
        • Can be upgrades to have a 1% chance of permanently turning the enemy into Gold, which can then be collected.
      • Replenish - heals units in an area.
    • Lakitus - flying unit, which can spawn Spinies.
  • Boneyard: army building
    • Boos - light melee unit with high movement speed and invisibility. Good for scouting.
    • Dry Bones - medium melee unit that has a chance to live again after death.
    • Thwomp - heavy unit. Moves slowly, and attacks by crashing into the ground, hitting multiple units at once. Requires generation 3.
  • Factory: army building
  • Warp Pipe - Unique to the Mushroom faction. After placing at least two warp pipes, any unit including enemies may use these to warp between two points on the map. Requires Generation 4, and the player may not have more than one pair.

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