• Heroes: Captain Olimar
    • Because Olimar is very weak in his own game, he is riding a Bulborb in this game for balance.
  • Home: Hocotate Ship

All units of the Pikmin species have the ability to Bloom after having been alive for a while. This increases their move speed, health, and attack slightly. They can also learn the Rhizome Union ability.


  • Hocotate ship - Home building, produces Pods. Also the drop-off point for harvesting Gold and Fuel.
    • Pod - Unit for harvesting Gold and placing the foundation for new buildings (can not, however, construct the buildings)
    • Durable Energy Cell - Causes The Dolphin and other key structures to regenerate health. Requires Generation 3.
    • Provides Generation advancement.
  • Onion: Essential unit generation structure. Trains Saplings, and acts as a Also drop-off point for Food.
    • Pikmin Sapling: These units are not strong on their own, and take very little time to produce, but can be morphed to other types of Pikmin. Can learn Rhizome Union.
    • Outpost Spawn - When researched, trained Saplings may appear directly at any Candypop Bud or Puffstool.
    • Rhizome Union - When researched, all Pikmin units are given a pool of magic points, and the ability to distribute any damage received to other nearby Pikmin units, making Pikmin units viable in the late game as well. Each time, MP are consumed; when the Pikmin has no MP left, it can't use the ability anymore. Requires Generation 3.
  • Candypop Bud: Converts Pikmin Saplings into Pikmin, Hydropikmin or Pikmin Artillerist.
    • Pikmin - Worker/fighter hybrid. Basic melee fighter, which may also construct buildings (after a foundation has been laid), and harvest Fuel and Food, but not Gold. Can learn Rhizome Union.
    • Hydropikmin - Basic ranged fighter, firing a stream of water at enemies. Can learn Rhizome Union.
    • Pikmin Artillerist - Ranged fighter unit, which throws exploding rocks that have splash damage. Effective against ranged units. Can lean Rhizome Union. - Requires Generation 2.
  • Puffstool: produces Jellyfloats, and converts Saplings into Mushroom Pikmin, or Rock Pikmin. Requires Generation 2.
    • Jellyfloat: Flying unit. Has no attack, but can ingest ground units for transport. Requires Generation 3.
    • Mushroom Pikmin: Medium fighter unit, which may poison enemies. Can learn Rhizome Union.
    • Rock Pikmin: Fighter unit. Has a slow attack, but is high in defense and health for its cost. Can learn Rhizome Union. — Requires Generation 3.
  • Creeping Crysanthemum: Defensive structure, organic. When not attacking, it burrows into the ground and becomes invisible to enemy players.
  • Geyser: Very strong defensive structure, but hits air units only.
  • Burgeoning Spiderwort: Botanical, and has upgrades mainly regarding fighters. Can also be harvested for a minor amount of Food.
    • Brute Knuckles - Increases attack damage of Pikmin, Water Wraith, Bulbling Snitchbug.
      • Bruter Knuckles - Further increase.
    • Forged Courage - Increases armor of Pikmin, Water Wraith and Bulbling Snitchbug.
    • Monster Jaws - Increases attack damage of Dwarf Bulborb, Bulborb, Bulbear, Empress Bulblax, Bulborb Larva.
      • Behemoth Jaws - Further increase.
    • Distinct Remains - Increases attack damage of Creeping Crysanthemum, Fiery Bulblax, Emperor Bulblax and Breadbug.
      • Mysterious Remains - Further increase.
  • Hocotate Freight Outlet: Drop-off point for resources. Also provides with some research.
    • Shipment: After being researched, the player will automatically receive small amount resources within set intervals. Requires Generation 3.
      • Express Shipment: Increases the frequency of resouce shipments. Requires Generation 4.
  • Pellet Posy - may be harvested for Food.
  • Zoo: Requires Generation 4.
    • Blowhog - Heavy ranged unit.
    • Fiery Bulblax - Heavy melee unit. Because it's constantly burning, all enemies within a short range will take damage.
  • Underground Pit: Requires Generation 2.
    • Honeywisp - Supporting spellcaster, with the ability to heal nearby units, and give nearby allies an attack speed bonus.
    • Swooping Snitchbug - Flying medium fighter unit.
    • Gatling Groink - Ranged fighter, which fires exploding blasts. Does heavy damage against buildings, but is weak against other units.

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