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Heroes play a large role in the game. They are strong units with special abilities, including a Final Smash. Heroes become stronger and learn abilities as the player completes various given achievements.

Every hero has a Smash Gauge, which fills up as the hero assists in killing enemy units. When it is filled, the hero may use a Final Smash.

Every hero is restricted to one faction, and the hero is chosen at the beginning of the game. When a hero is killed, it is later revived at the player's Home building.


Hero for the Mushroom faction.


Mario can jump on multiple enemies to damage and stun them, or jump over a cliff.


A projectile which sets one enemy on fire, causing a lot of damage.

Ability 3

Final Smash:


Hero for the Hylian faction.

Spin Attack

Passive ability. When it is learned, every sixth attack will be a Spin Attack, which does extra damage and damages multiple targets at once. As the spell levels up, it will happen more often.


Throws a boomerang, twice damaging all enemy units in a line.

Ability 3

Final Smash:


Hero for the Hocotate faction. Since he is vulnerable by himself, he is always seen riding a tame Bulborb in the game.


Calls over an enemy onto his own team.


Throws a Pikmin-type unit, causing damage to multiple enemies, or to let it leap over a cliff.


Passive ability. The player will recieve an amount of resources for every unit Olimar kills.

Final Smash:

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