The Smash Store is a game mode in Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat.


The Smash Store allows players to download extra content, free of charge, via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Different skins, costumes and playable characters are available, and almost every week there is something new to download and discover. Any downloaded content takes up space in the Wii's internal memory, but players can also decide to save some stuff on an SD Card if they wish.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable Stages

These are the downloadable stages that are free of charge on the Smash Store.
  • WuHu Island
  • Termina
  • Bowser`s Insides
  • PictoChat
  • Wispy Woods
  • Pikman Planet

Downloadable Characters

More characters are expected to be released in the future, but so far, these are the ones that are up for download.

Special Charcters

There are also special charcters that are not from any games. this is beacuse these are secret easter eggs from Nintendo.You may access these only under specific circumstances:

Character How to Redeem
Shigeru Miyamoto Hold ▲ for aproximately 4 seconds on the Shop menu and then say "Miyamoto is godly!" into you WiiSpeak.
Mii Hold ▲ on the Shop menu and shake your Wiimote.
Imajin If you defeat the all enemies 10 times in special battle mode with Mario, Peach, and Luigi, he will appear in the shop.
Conker Start the game with a retro Gamecupe controller connected and hold the Z button and the Rareware Icon will appear. Direct your Wiimote at it and press the A button and you will be directed to a hidden page of the Smash Store.

Note: N3DS Streetpass will allow access to more MIIs in future patches.

Downloadable Skins

Skins are backgrounds used on the menus. They don't really change the gameplay, but they help spice up the mood.

  • Space Theme
  • Abstract Lines
  • Classic Black
  • Brawl Skin

Downloadable Colors/Costumes

More available color and costume changes for some of the characters. More to come in the future.

  • Fire Mario - Mario
  • Commander Falco - Falco

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