Super Smash Bros. 3DS, a game in which brings the great fighting gameply we know as Super Smash Bros. to the 3-D world bringing along with it, over 30 characters, over 10 new stages and 30 returning stages, custom stage usage online and offline, over 500 stickers, 400 trophies, and countless music this game is pretty hard to beat. But is that enough? Of course with the pros there are definitely cons. A lot of people were hoping for the characters, but their hopes were crushed when they didn't see them in the dramatic intro. Now with the eShop, you can update Super Smash Bros. 3DS to the fullest potential. Add any expansion packs you want. Although this won't be free, the packs cost money. You can also seperate the store into groups. Say you don't like a franchise or you are looking for a specific character or stage. This will help you. You can lastly save your additions to a SD Card so you can play with the modifications on any device. Now here is the complete catalog.

Character List

Character Price Series Link
Megaman 1300 Coins Megaman N/A
Bowser Jr. 1200 Coins Mario N/A
King K. Rool 1500 Coins Donkey Kong N/A
Bomberman 1100 Coins 3rd Party (Bomberman) N/A
Count Bleck 1500 Coins Paper Mario N/A
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi 1200 Coins Mario N/A
Krystal 1300 Coins Starfox N/A
Roy (BFP) 1500 Coins Fire Emblem N/A
Geno 1600 Coins Mario N/A
Pac-Man 1400 Coins Pac-Man N/A
Dr. Mario (BFP) 1100 Coins Mario N/A
Dry Bowser 1600 Coins Mario N/A
Paper Mario 1500 Coins Paper Mario N/A
Mii FREE! Wii N/A
Mewtwo (BFP) 1600 Coins Pokemon N/A
Pokemon Trainer (Gold/Silver) 1500 Coins Pokemon N/A
Tabuu 5000 Coins Super Smash Bros. N/A
Travis Touchdown 1800 Coins 3rd Party (No More Heroes) N/A
Tetra 1600 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Skull Kid 1700 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Black Shadow 1600 Coins F-Zero N/A
Rosalina 1300 Coins Mario N/A
Young Link (BFP) 1100 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Alloy 2000 Coins Super Smash Bros. N/A
Chibi-Robo 1500 Coins Nintendo N/A
Black Mage 1800 Coins 3rd Party (Final Fantasy) N/A
Pichu (BFP) 1200 Coins Pokemon


Mario Stages

  • Bowser's Castle: 500 Coins
  • Subcon: 300 Coins
  • Airship Fleet: 600 Coins
  • Mushroom Plains: 400 Coins
  • Castle Grounds: 300 Coins
  • Comet Observatory: 500 Coins
  • Galaxy Exploration: 800 Coins
  • Vista Point: 600 Coins
  • Mushroom Kingdom I(BFP): 300 Coins
  • Mushroom Kingdom II (BFP): 300 Coins

Legend of Zelda Stages

  • Hyrule Castle: 300 Coins
  • Temple of Time: 600 Coins
  • Great Deku Tree: 300 Coins
  • Death Mountain: 500 Coins
  • Tower of Hera: 300 Coins
  • Great Bay (BFP): 300 Coins

Pokemon Stages

  • Pokemon Stadium III: 800 Coins
  • Poketopia: 500 Coins
  • Pokefloats (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Saffron City (BFP): 300 Coins

Kirby Stages

  • Fountain of Dreams (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Whispy Woods: 400 Coins
  • Quilty Square: 600 Coins

Metroid Stages

  • Brinstar Depths (BFP): 300 Coins

Star Fox Stages

  • Venom (BFP): 300 Coins

Yoshi Stages

  • Yoshi's Island (SSB) (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Yoshi's Story (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Make Eggs! Throw Eggs!: 800 Coins

Donkey Kong Stages

  • Kongo Jungle (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Gangplank Galleon: 500 Coins
  • 25m: 400 Coins

Earthbound Stages

  • Giygas' Lair: 600 Coins
  • Fourside (BFP): 300 Coins

Super Smash Bros. Stages

  • Subspace: 400 Coins
  • Melee Battlefield (BFP): 300 Coins
  • The Canyon: FREE!
  • Glacial Peak: FREE!
  • Melee Final Destination (BFP): 300 Coins
  • SSB Battlefield (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Entei (BFP): 300 Coins
  • Goomba (BFP): 300 Coins

Paper Mario Stages

  • Battle: 400 Coins
  • Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum: 800 Coins

Nintendo Stages

  • Wii Sports: FREE!
  • Flat Zone (BFP): 300 Coins

3rd Party

  • Wily Castle: 800 Coins
  • Chocobo Forest: 800 Coins
  • Tetris: 800 Coins
  • Bomberland: 800 Coins
  • Icicle Mountain (BFP): 300 Coins


Name Cost Series Link
Ice Flower 500 Coins Mario N/A
Propeller Mushroom 800 Coins Mario N/A
Penguin Suit 600 Coins Mario N/A
Candy Bag Assortment 1500 Coins Mario N/A
Mario Grab-bag 1900 Coins Mario N/A
Hookshot 300 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Ball and Chain 800 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Crossbow 500 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Link Grab-bag 1600 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Master Ball 2000 Coins Pokemon N/A
Fire Sword 300 Coins Kirby N/A
Ice Sword 300 Coins Kirby N/A
Thunder Sword 300 Coins Kirby N/A
Kirby Grab-bag 900 Coins Kirby N/A
Power Bomb 500 Coins Metroid N/A
Yoshi Egg 200 Coins Yoshi N/A
Red Watermelon 500 Coins Yoshi N/A
Blue Watermelon 500 Coins Yoshi N/A
Yoshi Grab-bag 1200 Coins Yoshi N/A
Super Shroom Shake 1200 Coins Paper Mario N/A
Mistake FREE! Paper Mario N/A
Pink Beam Sword 500 Coins Super Smash Bros. N/A
Bomb Rock 600 Coins Pikmin N/A
Egg Pawn 700 Coins Sonic N/A


Pokemon Cost Attack Gen.
Beedrill (BFP) 350 Coins Poison Sting 1
Blastoise (BFP) 350 Coins Hydro Pump 1
Chansey (BFP) 350 Coins Softboiled 1
Charizard (BFP) 350 Coins Flamethrower 1
Clefairy (BFP) 350 Coins Metronome 1
Hitmonlee (BFP) 350 Coins Hi Jump Kick 1
Koffing (BFP) 350 Coins Poison Gas 1
Onix (BFP) 350 Coins Rock Throw 1
Articuno (BFP) 1000 Coins Blizzard 1
Cyndaquil (BFP) 350 Coins Flamethrower 2
Ditto 500 Coins Transform 1
Marill (BFP) 350 Coins Double Slap 2
Porygon2 (BFP) 350 Coins Tackle 2
Scizor (BFP) 350 Coins Metal Claw 1
Unown (BFP) 350 Coins Hidden Power 2
Venusaur (BFP) 350 Coins Razor Leaf 1
Zapdos (BFP) 1000 Coins Thunder Bolt 1
Diglett 500 Coins Sand Tomb 1
Hitmontop 500 Coins Rolling Kick 2
Duskull 500 Coins Shadow Sneak 3
Rampardos 500 Coins Headbutt 4
Snivy 1000 Coins Razor Leaf 5
Tepig 1000 Coins Ember 5

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophy Cost Series Link
Birdo 1000 Coins Mario N/A
Mallow 1000 Coins Mario N/A
Goron 1000 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Navi 1000 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Happy Mask Salesman 1000 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Viruses 1000 Coins Mario N/A
Kracko 1000 Coins Kirby N/A
Pak E. Derm 1000 Coins Yoshi N/A
Kamek 1000 Coins Yoshi N/A
Rambi 1000 Coins Donkey Kong N/A
Sammer Guy 1000 Coins Paper Mario N/A
Paper Mario Partner Grab-Bag 1500 Coins Paper Mario N/A
Shadow Character 1000 Coins Super Smash Bros. N/A
Koopaling Grab-Bag 1500 Coins Mario N/A
Midna w/ Wolf Link 1000 Coins Legend of Zelda N/A
Fiery Blowhog 1000 Coins Pikmin N/A
Amy Rose 1000 Coins Sonic N/A
King Hippo 1000 Coins Punch-Out N/A
Copper & Booker 1000 Coins Animal Crossing N/A


Each pack adds an additional 50 trophies of that franchise.

Mario Pack:

Gobblegut, Coin, Bee Mario, Amp, Boss Bass


Each pack adds an additional 100 stickers of that franchise.

Mario Pack:

Rock Mushroom,Bee Luigi,Boo Repellent,Amp, Boss Bass

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