Smash Party!
Boxart smash party
Platform(s) Wii U
Single-player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Party

Master hand gathers all of Nintendo's heroes...

And throws a party!

Smash Party! is Nintendo's newest party game. Similar to Mario party but featuring more playable Nintendo character, more boards and more minigames!


Smash Party!

Party around in Smash Party! with all of your friends, you can play with four friends at a time. In this mode you each take turns rolling a dice and move across the board, gathering as many stars and coins as you can. After everyone has had their turn, it will be time for a minigame when you can win coins and stars or even steal them from your friends!

Master Hand Party!

A new mode joins the game! Stars in this mode, are replaced by the percentage meter from the Super Smash Bros. Series. The goal in this mode is to get the Smash Ball, to defeat Master Hand. However, just like the original Smash Ball, it will move around. So good luck trying to catch it!.

Each round there's a possibility Master Hand will attack you, however you'll be able to avoid him if you be careful with your dice rolls. If Master Hands manages to attack you, you'll have to play one of his special minigames, and you have to win this minigame. If you lose, or do poorly, you'll take damage and Master Hand will knock you back on the board. This will make it harder to get to the Smash Ball, so make sure you win Master Hand's minigames.

Tag Team Party!

In this mode you compete in teams of two, but if you miss a person or two you can set up a computer player to complete the fun! The goal in this mode is the same as in Smash Party! and even each combination of the characters in a Tag Team, has a unique name. You may even get some extras if you play in certain Tag Teams.


And the best thing is, all of these modes are playable online. With your friends even just random people! You can join online yourself, or even players. This way, if you don't have enough friends over, you can just get someone online to join you!

Tag Team Party! is way more fun online because you'll even be able to play the mode with 8 players, thus 4 tag teams! The more friends the more fun!

Playable Characters

Nintendo's greatest heroes and villains join the party!


There's even more boards, representing the franchises and iconic areas. And all of them have their own special hazards and layout. Special spaces are spaces in the game that will trigger certain events. Every board also has their special hazard, which will activates/progress every turn.

Every board has, depending on the size of the field, multiple shops. Here you can buy a variety of items, which one you'll be able to buy changes everytime! So the games will always be different.

Peach's Castle (Super Mario)
Stages peach's castle
  • Visit in Peach's Castle!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Kamek: The magical koopa will use it's magic to switch up the players. You will be teleported to another players space and vice versa.
    • Goomba's: Several Goomba's walk around in Peach's Castle. You can jump on them if you walk past their current space. But they walk at the end of each turn, and if they walk over your current space you take damage and lose some coins.
  • Shopkeeper: Toad

Bowser's Castle (Super Mario)
Stages bowsers castle
  • Compete in Bowser's Castle!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Thwomp: Watch out, they might drop on your head if you stand under them!
    • Bullet Bill: There are Bill Blasters on the board, they shoot Bullet Bills, so watch out! They will shoot in a straight line, however sometimes they will target the nearest player.
    • Axe: Use the axe to destroy the bridge, so that the players that are on that bridge will far into the lava.
    • Bowser Jr. & the Koopalings: They might randomly attack you while playing, forcing you to play on of their minigames.
    • Fire bar: In certain area's fire bars will be spinning around. They spin at the end of each turn, so be careful where you walk around.
  • Shopkeeper: Boo

Hyrule Field (The Legend of Zelda)
Hyrule Fiel
  • Traverse the land of Hyrule!
    • Special Spaces:
    • King Bulblin: Tramples the players in his way, which will make the players lose coins.
  • Shopkeeper: Tingle

Green Greens(Kirby)
Green greens
  • Travel through Dreamland's magical world!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Bandana Dee: You can give Bandana Dee some coins and he'll attack on of the other players for you. Spend your money wisely!
    • Dark Matter: Will posses one of the players to steal items or a star from another player. Dark Matter takes the items and disappears again.
    • Whispy Woods: Blows the player some spaces back.
  • Shopkeeper: Waddle Dee

Kanto (Pokemon)
  • Set a journey through the Kanto region!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Fly: You'll have the ability to fly to any city you've been before. If you haven't visited any other city's than the one you're currently in, nothing happens.
    • Pokemon Market: You can buy items in every city, but it's very limited.
    • Celadon Department Store: Buy more items for even less coins!
    • Wild pokémon appeared!: On routes there's a chance wild pokémon will attack you.
    • Gym leader: When visiting one of the city's with a Pokémon Gym, there's a chance the Gym Leader will challenge you!
  • Shop: Pokémart
Onett (Earthbound)
Onett smash party
  • Explore Ness' hometown!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Police: If you land on this space, you can tell the police to arrest one of the other players! They will have to spend a turn in jail.
    • Ants: They are really hard to see, but there are ants north of Onett. Watch out, they might steal one of your items.
  • Shopkeeper: Saturn

Orbital Gate (Star Fox)
Orbital gate
  • Time for some space action!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Star Wolf Attack: Wolf, Leon and Powalski will fly around on the map, shooting lasers around the map.
    • Arwing: Use an Arwing to fly across the board, you can even shoot at other players if they are in range. And if you manage to shoot down one of Star Wolf's ships, you'll receive their bounty; even more coins!
    • Andross: Andross will attack the board, similar to his Smash assist throphy.
  • Shopkeeper: Slippy

Mute City (F-Zero)
Mute city
  • Experience the thrilling ride of Mute City!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Blue Falcon: This space will summon you the Blue Falcon, you can drive around the map for a bit. Try to run over other players and make them lose some coins!
    • Racecar: The race in Mute City is still going on. Don't get run over!

Norfair (Metroid)

  • Heat up the games in Norfair!
  • Special Spaces:
    • Lava: In certain area the lava will rise sometimes, watch out it could seriously hurt you!
    • Metroid's: These flying creatures will try to suck up your coins, don't let them see you.
    • Ridley: If you come to close to Ridley, he will notice you and hunt you down for coins and stars!

Subspace (Super Smash Bros.)


There are items available from all of Nintendo's greatests franchises! They will have more chance to appear in their corresponding stage, but they can appear anywhere!

Item Description Franchise *
Mega Mushroom Step on opponents if you pass them. Super Mario
Poison Mushroom Makes you tiny, this way you can get through really small passages. Super Mario
Tanooki Suit Hover above spaces for the whole turn, this way spaces don't effect you. Super Mario
Fire Flower Throw around fireballs in a straight line. If you manage to hit a player he will lose some coins. Super Mario
Hookshot Grabs an opponent and you pull them to your space. Has shorter range than the Grappling Beam but does damage. The Legend of Zelda
Pokeball Summons random pokemon, which all have different abilities. Pokemon
Ice Beam Shoot at an opponent, if they are in range. They will be frozen for a whole turn and cannot move. Metroid
High Jump Boots Jump over obstacles or on high spaces, discovering secret or a shortcut. Metroid
Grappling Beam Grabs an opponent and you pull them to your space. Has longer range than the Hookshot, but does not do any damage. Metroid



________________________________________________ Warning! There are still a lot of things that need to be added, i'm doing my best :P

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