Smash Legend
The Series' main title
Developer(s) KuroganeBladeProductions2 - Writer
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Smash Legend (スマッシュレジェンド Sumasshu Rejendo) is a fanfiction series created by CureKurogane. The story a young boy under the username Kurogane who is gets sent into the game of Smash Bros without any memory of how it happened and finds himself meeting the characters of Smash and facing a large threat that could place the entire World of Smash into great peril.


The story starts with a young boy named Demian Williams who is 17 years old, living in a not so great teenage life. His parents had divorced recently and has moved to a new town and a new school in which he despises so much and his only comfort is playing his favorite video game: Super Smash Bros where he gets to vent out his frustration and battle opponents online under the username Kurogane. However, his life was about to change... for the better... or maybe the worse.

For he was mysterious transported into the World of Smash without any memory of what happened or how he had gotten there. And to make things worse, a new enemy has risen and threatens to destroy Smash and everyone in it.

With much lost memories and a new threat, Demian, now Kurogane, must put his questions aside and team up with the Smash fighters to stop this evil from doing any harm.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Kurogane - Kurogane is the main character of the series. Originally named Demian Williams, Kurogane is a young man who hated his new life: being hurt from the divorce of his parents and moving to a new city and a new school in which he feels completely like a stranger. He was mysteriously brought into the Smash World, not remembering a thing and gets himself into trouble such as being attacked by Rayquaza and later kidnapped by the Koopalings, but thankfully he's able to get himself out of danger. Kurogane is shown to be kind-hearted, and selfless. However, he is stubborn, sassy, and has a colorful mouth. His main weapon is the mysterious yet powerful Prism Sword .
  • Link - Link is a young Hylian who had joined the Smash family years ago. He is known as the Hero of Hyrule and has protected it from Ganondorf, not to mention saving Princess Zelda many times. Link meets Kurogane after defeated Rayquaza after chasing him many times to see if he was okay. He is described as quiet and serious, but he is shown to have a love for speaking, being very sociable and very humble. However, he blows a fuse whenever his peers call him an "elf" which is an offensive slur to the Hylian race.
  • Lucina - Lucina is a young swordswoman, who happens to be the cousin of Marth. She is the daughter of Chrom, who is a swordsman and looks up to him very much which explains why he's shown to be protective of her so much. Lucina met Kurogane and was one of the many Smashers who welcomed him with open arms behind Link and Marth. She is shown to be very attractive to most of the male Smashers, like Roy who has a massive crush on her, but she seems to have a crush on Robin much to Roy's chagrin.
  • Ryu - Ryu is a skilled martial artist who had joined the Smash family recently. He is very serious and humble when it comes to battling and has a kind heart. Ryu is often silent at times, but that doesn't mean that he can't speak his mind, as well as scolding Roy for being an asshole towards Kurogane. Speaking of which, Ryu is shown to be protective of Kurogane since the day he met him and is shown to have feelings for him because of this strong bond. Ryu is the master of the Hadouken special attack as well as the Shoryuken technique.
  • Captain Falcon - Captain Falcon is one of the F-Zero racers that has been part of the Smash family since the beginning of the game. Falcon comes out as a confident, competitive, outgoing, and sometimes air-headed who is a very skilled fighter and knows how to play fair. He's often seen training a lot behind Ryu and always gets excited when there's a battle going on. Falcon's favorite word is "Yes!" and his most strongest move is the Falcon Punch.
  • Mario Mario is one of the most iconic characters in the Nintendo universe and one of the most memorable fighters in Smash. He may come out as a short and stocky plumber, but his abilities speak otherwise. He is shown to be very admirable and a strong role model, even the new fighters admire him. Mario is very kind-hearted, headstrong, and very courageous and has a strong love for Princess Peach.
  • Shulk Shulk is one of the new fighters welcomed in the Smash family. When he first met Kurogane, he is thrilled to have a newcomer be welcomed. He is very cheerful and energetic, always feeling very pumped when it comes to everyday life. Shulk carries a large sword-like weapon called the Monado, and possesses the Monado Arts which he uses when in battle. Aside of being very cheerful, Shulk is shown very determined and tries to keep the fighters together. His catchphrase is "I'm really feelin' it!".
  • Samus - Samus Aran is one of the veteran fighters in the Smash World. She is shown to be very aloof and serious, and never smiles. She mostly focus on battles with her opponents, and often backs away from social activities such as welcoming Kurogane into the family. Samus is described to be a "lone-wolf" by others, but it's because that she had a rough childhood. While she acts cold towards the others, she is shown to be able to speak to Kurogane, although she doesn't want to talk about her life. Samus bores the Power Suit when in battle, but she can fight without as well.

Reccurring CharactersEdit

  • Marth - Marth is one of the veteran fighters of Smash since Melee. He is the prince of Altea and the cousin of Lucina. He is one of the fighters that welcomed Kurogane in open arms, and speaks in an aristocratic manner, due to him being royalty. Marth is shown to be a spoiled and a bit selfish at times, but he is shown to be very kind and understanding towards everyone, especially Roy whom he sometimes gets annoyed by his arrogance.
  • Zelda - Zelda is one of the veteran Smash fighters since her debut. Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule in which Link saves her several times, but she hates being called the "damsel-in-distress". She is shown to have a tough side despite her beautiful appearance and can really pack a punch when in battle. Zelda appears to be very skilled in magic and is usually calm. Like Link, she hates being called an "elf" and she gives the troll a death glare, similar to Luigi.
  • Little Mac - Little Mac is one of the newcomers of Smash. Coming from the Bronx, Little Mac is a skilled boxer who has been training under the wing of Doc Louis. He is Italian-American, and is mostly silent but when he speaks, his voice has a thick Bronx accent which the female Smashers find attractive, much to his chagrin. Like Link, Little Mac has a dangerous temper which only happens when people call him 'short', 'shorty, or 'midget' and his face would turn fiery red. This earned him the nickname "Mac Fury" and people get scared of him mostly.
  • Roy - Roy is a skilled swordsman who is the childhood friend of Marth. He is from Lycia and is also one of the veteran fighters of Smash. He is shown to be overconfident, cocky, and arrogant towards his peers and shows that he hates losing, which is one of his major flaws. Roy didn't welcome Kurogane into the Smash family, thinking that he would get in the way. Not only that, he became very resentful when he found out that Kurogane has awakend the Prism Sword when he couldn't. Despite this, Roy is shown to be caring, even when he doesn't show it.
  • Robin - Robin is a powerful tatic in the Smash family and is the older twin brother of Robina. He is a calm and reserved young man who has a complete interest in magic, reading, and swordfighting. Robin is a self-proclaimed peacemaker, trying to make sure everyone is getting along well, especially Kurogane (since he swears a lot when pissed off). Robin starts to notice Lucina's crush on him, in which he doesn't notice but accepts later on.
  • Robina - Robina is the younger twin sister of Robin and like him, she is also a powerful tactic. Robina didn't like her name at first because it sounded similar to her brother's and is shown to be more carefree than him. She often bails out whenever it comes to training, much to Robin's annoyance and often argues with him stating that he's too bossy. Robina isn't the type of person who likes to be pushed around and will stand up to her friends, even Kurogane.
  • Chrom - Chrom is the father of Lucina and the prince of Ylisse. He later joins the Smash family to be close to his daughter and is shown to have a habit of embarrassing her. Because of him being Lucina's father, Chrom shows his fatherly affection towards the other fighters, and even Kurogane much to his chagrin. He is shown to have a serious side, making sure that Lucina is safe and like Link and Little Mac, Chrom has a frightening temper and he would go off things get a little haywire or if someone does something they shouldn't be doing.
  • Ganondorf - COMING SOON...
  • Sonic - COMING SOON...




  • This will be CureKurogane's first Super Smash Bros. fanfiction to be written. It is rumored that it may come out on if he writes out the main story of the series.