Smash Destiny is a canceled fan fiction by WiiSmarts Inc., inspired by The Super Smash Bros. Series.. For more infomation, see this.

Part 1

Kirby was roaming Dream Land, enjoying the peace and quite, when disaster struck! Dream Land started to shake, and the coulds became dark. Kirby shouted "Nightmare! You wanna peice of me?" "Who said I was Nightmare?" a voice said. Kirby was lifed up, went flying through the sky and landed on Final Destination. "It's you!" Kirby shouted at the shadowy figure. "Yes! It's me!" the figure said as he created a ball of Shadow. "No! You can't! You're going to merge the deminsions arn't you?" Kirby exclaimed. "Oh yes!" "And you are going to die!"

To Be Continued...

Part 2

Meanwhile, Marth was fighting against Link in a sword-fight. The ground started to shake, and they suddenly appeared in Dream Land. The same happened to Mario and Luigi,Fox, Falco, and Krystal, not to mention many others.


"So Mark, why are you doing this?" Kirby asked. "That's Mark the Mewtwo to you!" Mark yelled. "And that's none of your buisness!" Just then, Knuckle Joe appeared! "Hey ugly!" Joe exclaimed. "Nobody hurts my buddy!" Knuckle Joe grabbed Kirby and ran off. "Huh" Mark luaghed. "No matter, they only delayed their death! Now, start on that army of ours". "Yes sir, it will be done!" Meta Knight said as he left. "Ah yes!" Mark luaghed. "Soon, so soon, Kirby will die!"

To Be Continued...

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