The name says. This is a Smash Bros. for Tablet. This is a fan-game so it's anything it's possible, it's a free game and is based on Tablet heroes, however there's a lot of veterans from the consoles that will return, because their very important characters of Nintendo.


  • Red (Angry Birds)
  • the Blues (Angry Birds)
  • Chuck (Angry Birds)
  • Stella (Angry Birds)
  • King Pig (Angry Birds)
  • Ninja (Fruit Ninja)
  • Jake (Subway Surfers)
  • Tricky (Subway Surfers)
  • Tom (My Talking Buddy)
  • Ben (My Talking Buddy)
  • Crazy Dave (Plants Vs Zombies)

These are the Tablet Heroe characters, the Past Game ones will be revealed soon, just say that obviously the original 12 will return and some other too (Here's one: Pit) ;) .

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