Genotype studios
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Developer(s) Genotype Studios
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii U Games
Release Date(s)
18 October 2013
Story/Smash/CPU Smash/
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting

This is a reboot of the Super Smash Bros. franchise


  • Story
    • Single Player
    • Multiplayer
  • Smash
    • Special Smash
    • Pure Smash
      • Single Player
      • Multiplayer
        • CPU
        • Human
  • Event
    • Training
    • Sports
  • Options

Single Player Plot

Scene 1

Ganondorf brainwashes Bowser, Dr Eggman and Wario to serve him. Link, along with other Hylians, strike against him, though. With an army of female Gerudos, however, they defeat the Hylians and turn him into a trophy.

Scene 2

A reformed R.O.B. discovers Link's trophy and transforms him back. Link ignores him and runs towards the direction Ganondorf escaped. An annoyed R.O.B. follows him.

Scene 3

Mario and Luigi get attacked by Symbiotes and Luigi gets turned into a trophy while Mario is captured by them. He is loaded onto Meta Knight's spaceship, along with Meta Knight as a trophy himself

Scene 4

Mario turns Meta Knight back into his normal form and they attack the Symbiotes.

Scene 5

Sonic fights Dr. Eggman and defeats him, although Bowser knocks him out

Scene 6

Shadow searches for Sonic and transforms him back from a trophy. An army of Symbiotes have arrived though. Choose between the two of them to defeat them.

Scene 7

Wario and Bowser are sent to find Mario and Luigi and eradicate them for good. However, they meet Waluigi and Mario instead. They fight Waluigi and Mario, almost defeating them. However, Kirby finds them and together, they manage to defeat Wario, although Bowser manages to escape.