Sly Paperfox
Sly Paperfox (Scribble Masters) by WereWaffle
Full Name Sly Mâché Paperfox
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Species Paperfox/Origami Hybrid
Location Foldsville
Align Good
Current Status Alive
The Scribble Masters (Leader)
Family and Relations
Unamed Father

Unamed Mother

Leadryll Paperfox

Main Weapon(s) Pencils
Vulnerable To Real Fire

Paper Shredder Glue (allergic)

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With these two pencils, I can draw all sorts of stuff! Thanks grandma!
Sly, to his grandmother in Sly and the Scribble Masters

"Sly Mâché Paperfox" or simply known as Sly Paperfox, is the main protagonist of the game, Sly and the Scribble Masters and the official mascot of Enigmatik Games.

He is known to wield two pencils that inherit the power of drawing anything to life except elements.


At the time that Sly was conceived, his parents raised him until he reached age five. Sly became fond of doodling at that age and became better and better at doing so each day so on and so forth. When he was enrolled in school, he was one of the best young artists in kindergarten and won many prizes in school drawing contests such as a fifty pack of crayons and a beanbag chair. His drawings were so detailed, he even defeated the 5th graders in every single contest! Life was great for this sweet young lad until one fateful day, a fire broke out unexpectedly and it burned his whole house down with his parents inside.

He was unaware of this when he was at school but until dismissal time had arrived his nearest parental guardian, his grandmother was notified about what happened to the Paperfox household and what happened to Sly's parents who were burned alive inside the house.

Due to these tragic events, his grandmother cared and raised Sly much like she did with his father when he was young. She would also take Sly to the park, play board games with him, watch movies, draw, etc. in order to forget about his parents. These activities didn't have much of an impact on Sly and it never stopped him when he would question his grandmother if she knew about the whereabouts of his parents. Sly's grandmother never answered that question when it was asked and when she does, she always replies with "I don't know" or "I have no clue Sly dear." At age thirteen, his grandma gave him 2 pencils for him to sketch with but little did he know, that the pencils that were bestowed upon him had extraordinary powers.


Sly is known to be very kindhearted, loving, and polite among his fellow peers and relatives. He loves hanging out and fighting crime with his friends and he will do favors for his family members without hassle.

When around villains, he begins to act a bit more serious, still keeping some of his affable charm when fighting. He will also taunt villains for a brief moment but will proceed fighting until a foe is defeated. He isn't easily angered due to him having a pure heart, but he can be saddened if one of his peers or relatives get badly hurt to the point that they may perish or if he is left in dark locations alone.


Sly's entire body is pure white, with his limbs and tail composed of paper strips. His head is pentagonal shaped with 3 hair bangs between his two triangular shaped ears. He also has a triangular nose and 2 black eyes with a bit of a white glare to them.

Sly wears a pair of goggles with a yellow frame, light blue lenses, and a light brown headstrap on his face. He also sports a zig zag-like monochrome scarf around his neck in which he drew himself upon becoming the leader of the Scribble Masters.


Sly is mostly known to wield 2 pencils at once that grant him the power to draw anything but elements and dopplegangers at will. However, he is able to sketch up weapons, tools, and animals in order to aid him or his friends in a tough situation, whether it be a battle or an obstacle.

Unlike the other Scribble Masters, Sly is able to fold himself into an airplane to reach far distances, a boat in order to traverse through water, and an envelope which allows him to travel without fees on an airplane. Sly also wields the ability to crumble himself into a paper ball in order to find hidden areas and to be used as a weapon by his friends without pain.

Sly and the Scribble Masters


Fantendo Smash Bros. Alpha

Sly managed to make an appearance in the non-canon Fantendo fighting game, Fantendo Smash Bros Alpha published by AzaCraft Entertainment . Sly is an unlockable character in which you must complete 15 battles with any character in order to play as him. His moveset revolves around drawing in which he can draw swords, arrows, bombs, and jellyfish to be used against others in the battlefield.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality

Sly makes an appearance as an unlockable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality after obtaining 100 data cards. His moveset is heavily based on his appearance in his own game, using his pencils and his folding abilities within the arena. However, Sly gains extra damage when he is hit with a fire or a heavy crushing attack thus making him a unique fighter.



Fantendo Smash Bros. Nightfall (2016)


Fantendo Smash Bros. Chrysalis



Leadryll Paperfox

Prior to the deaths of the Paperfox Parents, Leadryll will pay a visit to the Paperfox household in order to spend time with the family. She was also the caretaker of Sly ever since his parents had to travel someplace when he was young,

After the deaths of Sly's parents, Leadryll had to raise Sly ever since and the bonds between them grew in a matter of months. Sly usually traveled with her when he was younger and asked his grandmother every day about where were his parents. Leadryll ignored these questions from time to time and basically spent a lot of time thinking about telling him the truth or waiting until he finds out on his own. Nevertheless, Sly and Leadryll's grandmother and grandson relationship grew as Sly began growing up.

Fennec Thinnertail

Prior to the deaths of the Paperfox parents and the Thinnertail Parents, Fennec, Sly, and Gami would usually play together when visiting eachother's houses on weekends. Fennec and Sly got along pretty well and Sly always looked up to him as, "the brother he never had" when Sly was younger. 

After their parents deaths, Sly and Fennec never really saw eachother anymore which led to the breakage of their friendship. Fennec also was in depression at the time his parents passed away which now him and his sister had to raise themselves for years to come until they were teens.

When evil struck Foldsville,  and when the 3 were in their teenage years, Fennec and Gami sprung into action which then Sly joined in to defeat a threat that was harming their town. After the enemy was defeated with the help of teamwork, Sly and Fennec's friendship was repaired and they promised to never leave eachother's backs from the present to the future.

Gami Thinnertail


Princess Stapalynn


Spade Deckers


Berry Feltini


Piper Feltini


Captain Patchra




  • Sly was originally created in early June of 2011 outside of Fantendo until 2013, when he made his official debut on Fantendo.
  • Sly was originally a papercraft figurine upon being created.
    • His original concept began as a short and stout character and at first, he didn't sport any accessories, his eyes looked similar to that of Paper Mario characters and his tail was 3D rather than 2D.
  • Sly was originally going to wield Elemental Color Pencils to concide along with his standard pencils. The Elemental Color Pencils would have allowed Sly to sketch up fire, ice, and electricity much like his ordinary pencils.
    • The pencils were scrapped however, due to the similarities the pencils have with Fennec's ability to paint elements.
  • Oddly enough, Sly is strongly allergic to glue.
  • Sly as well as the other Scribble Masters, were planned to have visible mouths but was scrapped due to it flawing with the designs of the characters.
  • Although he is a fox, Sly's head is actually an origami cat head and not a fox head.
  • Sly's middle name was revealed to be "mâché" named after a type of arts and craft project, paper mâché.
    • The word "the" was also removed from his name to prevent the confusion it may cause amongst others thinking that "the" is his middle name. It was also changed due to his relatives' last names being "Paperfox" whilst adding in the "the" would make no sense whatsoever.
  • Sly and the rest of the Scribble Master's eyes were initially inspired by Nintendo's Kirby character.
  • In late-2015, Sly recieved a monochrome scarf. According to the creator, the reason why he was given one was to give him more uniqueness as well as to fit in with the other characters.
  • According to his creator, Sly is ambidextrous, this ability allows him to draw multiple objects twice as fast.
  • Despite being able to take extra damage when crushed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, Sly is actually immune to crushing in his original game despite being made of paper.