&nbsp Sly Cooper: Year of the Thieves is the final installment in the Cooper Gang Saga. It is the conclusion to the story and in the end all will be revealed and all choices will be chosen....

It will be released for the PS3 and is the follow up of Sly 4: Thieves in Time.



"The war's started Bentley... and I'm gonna make sure we end it..."- Sly to Bentley at the beginning of Sly Cooper: Year of the Thieves

The Cooper Clan has thrived for years by stealing from and defeating evil doers, those they deem unworthy of what they have. When Slytankhamen defeated the evil Mumm- Ra, he stored all his possesions in the Cooper Vault. From then on the Cooper Clan's treasures were hidden in the Cooper Vault...

Sly Cooper is back in the gang, but he knows that there is a threat looming on the horizon: The Gang. A syndicate of master villains so big they could take over the world in a matter of seconds. But the real threat is the seven leaders of The Gang. Through these seven, the other lower members of The Gang take orders, and their orders are to destroy Sly Cooper. Now with Interpol, The Gang, and probably the rest of the world chasing after him, there's no telling what the future holds, and what the past will bring...

The Cooper Gang

"This is the largest Cooper Gang in history, Murray."


"Yeah... and it needs to be bigger..." - Sly to Murray

The hunt for members of the Cooper Gang continues as Sly, Bentley, Murray, the Guru, Penelope, Panda King, and Dimitri search for the last to members to help fight this war.

  • Sly Cooper: "The Master Thief" and the leader of the Cooper Gang. Sly holds the legendary Cooper Cane, but that's not all, he holds the spirit of his ancestors giving him the power to eventually face a true Master Thief.
  • Bentley: "The Brains" of the outfit, Bentley is still confined to a wheelchair. With enough gadgets to blow up ten countries, Bentley is unstoppable- especially with his new "partner" Penelope.
  • Murray: "The Brawn." Murray is the strongest person the Gang's probably ever known. In Year of the Thieves, Murray is not only stronger, but his driving skills will come in handy as well....
  • The Guru: A mystic Australian shaman, the Guru is gifted in the art of the Dreamtime. He can possess guards and transform into earthly objects.
  • Penelope: The RC specialist of the Cooper Gang, Penelope is Bentley's right hand woman and "special lady." Penelope controlls her RC Chopper, her Light Weight Buggy, and her new creation, the Mini-Turret Boat.
  • Panda King: One of Sly's oldest enemies turned good, Panda King is not only the demolitions expert in this game, he's also a true Master Thief, one of the three in the Cooper Gang.
  • Dimitri: The Third Master Thief in the gang, Dimitri is a slick and skilled scuba diver, fitting the position well for the Cooper Gang's underwater missions.
  • Carmelita: One of the two newest additions to the Cooper Gang, Carmelita is an ex- Interpol officer turned good to help out her notorious boyfriend, Sly Cooper. With her shock pistol, she is unstoppable.
  • Ansley: The final and newest addition to the Gang, she is Sly's protege and sort-of-adopted daughter. Training to be a Master Thief, this little squirell is already almost as good as her mentor. She is attracted to gold stealth auras, can pick pocket with the use of her very own Cooper Cane, and can use almost every power her father/mentor can use. She has yet to earn the Thievius Raccoonus.


The Gang has two divisions, The High Board and The Low Stock. The High Board consist of the 7 leaders of The Gang, and The Low Stock consist of the 5 generals

The High Board:

  • Rammos (ram): Born and raised in the streets of Germany, Rammos joined the Nazis at the age of 17. He faught in World War Two and was incarcerated in prison for his crimes against humanity. After a 50 year period of jail time, Rammos was realeased. Old and on the verge of death, he stumbled across the frame of Clockwerk. Instead of using the parts, he created his own casing, calling himself  Rammos the Iron Ram. After being recruited by The Gang as chief machinist, Rammos opened up his machine factory, where he created super suits for all his guards, and began factoring weapons and dealing arms to other countries to start wars. His secret? He was studying the Cooper Gang and making mechanical copies of them!
  • Bella (peacock): Raised poor on the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy, Bella's only friends were the friendly masks and clowns at the Rennaissance Festival. Mesmerized by them she wanted to find a way to make the faces come alive, so she began studying Black Magic. Once she mastered the art, Bella created an army of evil theatre masks. They latched on to her guards' faces making them stronger and more supernatural, this allowing her to make the streets of Florence her own. Years later, after being recruited by The Gang, she became the mystic of the team and began holding the annual Rennaissance Festivals once again, where she could desguise her masks as harmless props and once on someones face, they became her drooling minions.
  • Rasta Le'On (lion): Born into a family of thieves and spice dealers, Rasta Le'On grew up a rich prince in the hills of Jamaica. Using his wealth to his advantage, Rasta Le'On created three boats known as the Red Lion, the Gold Lion, and the King's Lion. With these he could deal spice across the Earth. Once he joined The Gang as spice dealer and Chief of Transportation, Rasta Le'On had Rammos upgrade his boats with metal and more defense. making it more dangerous to try to stop him and his spice shipments. Curentley hiding in the Jamaican jungles, Rasta Le'On resideds in an old Jamaican worship temple producing spice with a special item: the Can of Slaigh Cooper!
  • Darwin (saber-tooth tiger): Frozen in ice for over a billion years from the Ice Age, he finnaly thawed out to find himself surrounded by modern time. Unknowing what to do, he joined The Gang as their chieft brute and enforcer. Being strong and agile, he was in  charge of controlling The Gang's security of their HQ on Mt. Everest, and their high security prison.

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