Sly Cooper: Lost in Time is a fanmade fifth game that concludes the cliffhanger from the last game, with Sly in Ancient Egypt. In which the Cooper Gang must defeat a new gang of villains called the Time Torturers



  • General Snips
  • Sergeant Shadow
  • Temple Sentinal
  • Cat Smash
  • Stacy "Smoking Hot" Sizzler
  • Contessa
  • Arpeggio Reborn
  • The Black Kraken
  • Night Ryder
  • Doc Clock AKA Speedy Dyrant
  • The Cooper Clobberer


  • Run Like an Egyptian (Prolouge)
  • War and Pieces
  • Tussle in the Temple
  • Good Coopers
  • Steam Punks
  • A Castle, A Hassle
  • Anotomy For Disaster 2: Return of Arpeggio
  • Seven Seas of Crime
  • Mayday, Adventure Bay
  • All Theives on Deck!

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