Sly Cooper: Elemental Morph is an upcoming game. It is the fourth game in the Sly Cooper series. It is to be available for PS2, PS3, and Nintendo FP. See talk.

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Sly Cooper: Elemental Morph
Developer(s) Sucker Punch

Toln the Echidna

Publisher(s) Sony (PS2, and PS3 versions)

Nintendo (FP Version)

Platform(s) PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3 Nintendo FP

Release Date(s)
1-2 players locally
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+ (E10+)
Genre(s) Action, adventure
Media Included PS2/DVD Disc

PS3/Blu-Ray Disc FP Cartridge

Basic Plot

Bentley is secretly working on his time machine. He hasn't revealed that he is working on a time machine yet, but plans to soon. He realizes that he needs a timestream regulator to complete the machine. he only knows of one in the world. It is illegally possessed by Morphid, a geneticly altered scorpion who has the ability to shapeshift. Bentley revelals to Sly and Murray that he has secretly been working on a time machine. They call the extended Cooper gang together to help find it. Dimitri, and the Guru don't show up. The Panda King mentions Morphid being the leader of a criminal organization called the Elemental Gang. They can all control a different element, in the form of the subelements: water, plants, ice, earth, metal, sand, fire, lightning, air, and spirit. Panda King's Brother also controls fire. They set out to find the Guru, find Dimitri, defeat the Elemental Gang, and get the timestream regulator.


Gameplay is almost exactly the same as Sly 3. Controls are all the same. New characters will have a controls description when we get to the new characters.


Prelude: Get it Together (Seattle, USA)

  1. Forest of Fear (Amazon Rainforest, Brazil)
  2. Deep Freeze (Enderby Land, Antartica)
  3. Hate in the Harbor (Boston Harbor, USA)
  4. Sands of the Sahara (Sahara Desert, Egypt)
  5. Industry Intel (Pittsburgh, USA)
  6. Grand Disaster (Grand Canyon area, USA)
  7. Lightning's Power (Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant, France)
  8. Fiery Brothers (Great Wall Area, China)
  9. Fate in the Wind (Mount Washington, USA)
  10. Spirit of the Ancients (Machu Picchu, Peru)
  11. Finding the Enemy (Unknown Mayan Village Ruins, Mexico)
  12. Race for All Time (Big Ben Area, England)


Heroes (Playable)

Sly Cooper- International thief who only steals from master criminals or truly bad people. Any "extra" stuff he steals, he sells on ThiefNet to help with other operations.

Bentley-The brains of the team, is confined to a wheelchair.

Murray-The Muscle of the team, not much of a thinker, proffessional doer.

Penelope-RC specialist, Bentley's girlfriend.

Panda King-Demolitions expert, can use flame fu.

Guru-Thought to be hiding out in New York City, now is somewhere in the Amazon Forest. Master of Aboriginal Dreamtime magic.

Paige-A penguin that the team recruited, coldness expert. Slides on ice.

Dimitri-Took a break from being "fine" to go treasure hunting in Boston Harbor where there is a rumored treasure chest that fell off of his ancestor's pirate ship.

Rajan-Former illegal spice trader, out of jail, in the Sahara Desert for some reason. Chaos creator.

Zeke-A gecko who welds. Hotness expert.

Jing King-Panda King's daughter, is vacationing at various American hotspots. Can use flame fu.

Raleigh the Frog-Former machinist for the Fiendish Five, after getting out of jail the only job he could find was working at a French nuclear plant. He hates his job. Master of trickery.


Ceres the Cheetah-Plant expert of the Elemental Gang. Female.

Skadi the Crab-Ice expert of the Elemental Gang. Female.

Enki the Genetically Altered Bass-Water Expert of the Elemental Gang. Male.

Ra the Camel-Sand expert of the Elemental Gang. Male

Hephaestus the Genetically Altered Quail-Metal expert of the Elemental Gang. Male.

Gaia the Pelo Verde Beetle-Earth expert of the Elemental Gang. Female.

Thor the Goat-Electricity expert of the Elemental Gang. Male.

Loki the Panda-Fire expert of the Elemental Gang, Panda King's brother. Male.

Enlil the Eagle-Air expert of the Elemental Gang. Male.

Hecate the Dog-Spirit expert of the Elemental Gang. Female.

Kali the Tasmanian Devil-Morphid's second-in-command, loves destrucion. Female.

Morphid the Genetically Altered Scorpion-Leader of the Elemental Gang. Can shapeshift. Male.


The Safehouse is now setup so that Sly, Murray, and Bentley are not the only characters available for selection. You still go from left to right, except all other characters are selectable. You can now play as all characters in the field, but only to get to the missions.

Prelude: Get it Together

The Setup

Bentley Narrates

(Bentley is on a roof spying on Sly and Carmelita through the binocucom while they are on a balcony holding hands. Sly turns toward the binocucom and winks)

Bentley: That sneaky devil!

(Something falls from the balcony. Bentley zooms in on it and it is one of Sly's raccoon symbol things. Bentley uses the grapple cam to retrieve it.)

It says: Heist time. Interpol, Seattle. Murray.

Bentley: It's time to call Penelope. (pulls out communication device) Hey Penelope. It's time to make a plan.

Seattle, Washington, USA 12:23 P.M.

Scene (Van drives into garage near Interpol HQ)

Bentley: We're going after Murray first. My sources tell me that Murray is near the Seattle Space Needle.

Penelope: Okay!

End Scene

Play as Bentley first.

Head to Space Needle. Find Murray.


(Murray is driving a car around the needle.)

Bentley: We're getting the gang back together, Murray. C'mon!

Murray: But I'm practicing. (Murray gets out)

Bentley: Don't you want to see Sly again.

Murray: Of course! Alright I'll help you.

Bentley: Okay, now change into your gear and let's get out of here!

Murray: (Runs in van. Emerges wearing regular outfit) Let's go find Sly!

Bentley: C'mon!

End Scene

Play as Murray.

Break down the door of the Interpol HQ.

Binocucom Scene

Murray: Your turn Penelope.

Penelope: I'm on it.

Bentley: Use the RC car to distract Carmelita.

End Scene

Distract Carmelita and bring Sly his cane.

Play as Sly.

Escape the HQ.

The Getaway

Sly Narrates

Well we were back together again. Of course I mean our original gang plus Penelope. I can't believe Carmelita thought she could trick me into working for the police. (chuckles) I guess that proves that Carmelita has feelings for me, too. Anyway, I've missed these guys. We all laughed in the van on our way back to our Seattle safehouse. We ordered plane tickets on ThiefNet to Paris, put our disguises on, and went to the airport. Of course we arranged sea transportation for the van too. Once we got to Paris, we went straight to the main safehouse. The van would be here in another day. The whole time, something seemed to be bugging Bentley. He had seemed... uneasy.

Episode 1: Forest of Fear

The Setup

Sly Narrates

Me, Murray, and Penelope were hanging out in the safehouse while Bentley was in his room doing something. It still bugged me that Bentley had been so uneasy earlier. Bentley came out of his room. He said "okay, I guess I have to come right out and say this." Bentley said he was building a time machine! He also said that he needed our help to steal a one of a kind time machine part called a timestream regulator. It was in possession of Morphid, a genetically altered scorpion that could shapeshift. We called the Guru, Panda King, and Dimitri and asked them to come to Paris so we could talk to them. The next day, the Panda King was the only one who showed up. We briefed the Panda King on how Bentley was building a time machine, and to finish it, we needed to steal a part from Morphid. As soon as I said Morphid, Panda King's eyes lit up. I asked if he knew anything about Morphid. He said that Morphid was the leader of a criminal organization called the Elemental Gang. Panda King's brother was a part of it. Looked like we were gonna have to do more than steal the timestream regulator. According to the Panda King, our first destination was the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. On the way there, I studied up on our new "friend". The Panda King said her name was Ceres the Cheetah. She could control plants. She had grown up in Africa where her peers would make fun of her for loving plants so much. Ceres would always find the strangest plants she could find. One day when she was about 20, some of her peers were making fun of her. She trapped them in a tight restraint of grass and left to perfect her newly discovered skill.

Basic Description


The world is basically a forest with several shacks with searchlights on them. The safehouse is a shack with a big antenna on the roof.


Basic guard-Chimp

Megaphone Guard-Parrot

Flashlight Guard-Gorilla

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil 11:49 P.M.

Mission: Rainforest Recon

Character: Sly

Description: Infiltrate the small building that guards seem to keep walking in and out of. Take pictures.

Pictures to be taken:

  • Ceres
  • Cornerstone in cage
  • Apprentice

Bentley's Slideshow

We've found out that Ceres is trying to build a huge base out of the entire Amazon forest by growing the trees. A lot. The cornerstone will be used for the worker base. Anyway Sly will sneak into the base through a different route to give us open access to the base and disable security. Murray and Panda King will go in and destroy the cornerstone. I'll go in and hack into the prison mainframe and let the prisoners loose to cause some confusion, and maybe get some info from them. Penelope will use the RC Car to head into the workers' current makeshift base and create some confusion while Sly goes in and finds what it is the workers are using to grow the trees. Good luck team.

Day 1

Mission 1: Secure-No-More

Character: Sly

Description: Head through a vent near the base. Go through lasers and use ninja spire jump. Proceed to destroy 6 computers. Head out.

Mission 2: Cornerstone-breaker

Character: Murray and Panda King

Description: Head into the base with Murray and destroy the cornerstone cage. Then go in as Panda King and destroy the cornerstone with Panda King.

Mission 3: Big Prisonbreak

Character: Bentley

Description: Head into the base and Hack into 3 computers. Hacking minigame will be played 3 times.

Cutscene: Guru walks up to Bentley. They "talk".

  • Guru: (Says stuff)
  • Bentley: You were just practicing magic when they captured you?
  • Guru: (Says stuff)
  • Bentley: Come with me to the safehouse.

Mission 4: Tree-huggers?

Character: Penelope (RC Car) and Sly

Description: Follow a course with the RC Car and distract the guards in the worker base. Head in with Sly and look (smash)around untill you find a book.

Bentley's Slideshow

After looking through the book Sly found, I've realized that Ceres is training the workers to control plants, too. Because of that, we will send Guru to the training grounds to see how they train, and maybe learn how to himself. Then Penelope will send the RC Biplane up into the trees to get rid of the guards and workers. Then I will head near the river to slow the river down with my hacking skills. The Guru will get near the main waterfall by hopping along whatever he can find in the river and use his magic to create an opening in the waterfall for Sly to jump through and steal the turret. Meanwhile, I'll have the Panda King study this book so he'll be ready to control some plants.

Day 2

Mission 1: Training Grounds

Character: Guru

Description: Memorize the button patterns/stylus arrows to attempt to control plants.

Cutscene: Guru is found out and chased off.

Mission 2: Towering Trees

Character: Penelope (RC Biplane)

Description: Fly through branches shooting guards.

Mission 3: River Rush

Character: Bentley, Guru, and Sly

Description: Slow the River with Bentley (Computer hack minigame), get to waterfall as Guru, jump in as Sly and attatch thrusters to turret.

Mission 4: To Grow a Tree

Character: Panda King

Description: Memorizie button patterns/stylus arrows to attempt to shrink plants.

Bentley's Slideshow

Well, after our failed attempt to shrink the plants, I've come to the conclusion that we'll have to take the direct approach. It's time for Operation: Canopy Ambush. First, the Guru will distract the gaurds with his Dreamtime magic. Then Murray will carry the turret to a position I've selected. Penelope's RC Biplane will head back into branches to scare the air support out into the open. Then I'll come in and shoot any air support with the turret. Panda King will head into the greenhouse and start a couple fires and defeat any guards that head in. Finally Sly will head in to take care of Ceres and end this operation. Good luck team.

Operation: Canopy Ambush

OP: Canopy Ambush

Character: Guru, Murray, Penelope (RC Biplane), Bentley, Panda King, Sly

Description: See Bentley's Slideshow above.

The Getaway

Sly narrates

Well, with Ceres down, that leaves 11 more Elemental Gangsters left. We left just in time to meet up with Carmelita. Luckily we made it past her. Turns out that Ceres was booked and Carmelita is now the bad cop. We decided with the Panda King's insight that we should start mapping out our course for our next stop.

Episode 2: Deep Freeze