Slot Machine Gun is Professor Layton's Standard Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It works similarly to the Nintendo Scope from SSBB, with less knockback and damage. Layton pulls out his Slot Machine Gun and fires coins on his enemies. By pressing the Special Move button once, the Slot Machine Gun will fire 1 coin at a time. Each coin inflicts 2% damage and has very slight knockback. However, by pressing it repeatedly, it will fire many coins one by one, damaging the opponent. The coins fly at a long, straight distance until they fall down to the ground and dissappear. The move can also be charged to fire a single blast of coins with very short distance. If fully charged for 4 seconds, it deals 26% damage and has great knockback. However, if it is used 3 times continously, Professor Layton will pull out a bucket of coins and fill it up again. All in all, this attack is very powerful, but comes with a cost.

The Slot Machine Gun.


Nintendo DS - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (2008)

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