Why do puny chicken run? Joe just want to s#$& on you!

-Sloppy's catchphrase in the battle in Plunge R. The Chicken.

Sloppy Joe is one of the two bosses that resides in The Poo Arena in Plunge R. The Chicken. As his name suggests, he is a giant glob of human waste and, " son," to the Poo Mistress. His age and height are unknown, due to him changing heights and no one mentioning his age.

Role in, "Plunge R. The Chicken."

When the Poo Mistress reveals her true form, she says that she has a stinky surprise for Plunge R.. A giant glob of poo by the name of Sloppy Joe appears and starts to attacking. Plunge R. runs away from him and Joe states that he only wants to go potty on him. The battle then begins...


Sloppy Joe is, of course. a glob of poop. He is extremely tall and and has crud-covered teeth. He has yellow glowing eyes with black pupils. He sometimes forms poo to make arms that look like muscles.


  • He is a reference to The Great Mighty Poo, a boss from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • He isn't truly evil. He is only commanded by The Poo Mistress to do so.
  • He is The Fabled Monster Of The Mountain, as said by Dank Dickerson.
  • Unlike The Poo Mistress, he isn't a master of disguise.

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