Game description

This game is the Mario version of Slime Rancher, it introduces new land and slimes, and Mario is in it this time! All of the stuff from the original game is here, and all of the places!

​Returning Places


The Ranch

The Grotto

The Overgrowth

The Lab

The Docks


The Dry Reef

The Moss Blanket

The Indigo Quarry

The Slime Sea

The Dry Reef

The Ancient Ruins

The Glass Desert

Returning Slimes

Pink Slime

Rock Slime

Tabby Slime

Rad Slime

Phosphor Slime

Honey Slime

Boom Slime

Puddle Slime

Hunter Slime

Gold Slime

Lucky Slime

Crystal Slime

The Tarr

Fire Slime

Dervish Slime

Tangle Slime

Mosaic Slime

Quantum Slime

New places


Sandy Ruin's

Sea Salt Cave's


More to come!


Flower Plains

The Slime Sea(Returning, but now explorable!)

Sea Salt Cavern's

More to come!

New Slimes

Ladybug Slime

Flower Slime

Bad Lucky Slime

More to come!



(NEW) Slime Explorer 1(or SE1 for short, explore the Slime Sea using this cool Gizmo!)

More to Come!


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