Slime, the gooey blue mascot.
Universe Dragon Quest
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Schleiman Tank

This article details Slime as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Slime is the next third-party character to appear in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, hailing from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series. The blue blob acts as the mascot of the series and is generally one of the first encounters for players of the games, although it has been shown to hold its own in other activities. Slime’s elasticity allows it to take a variety of shapes and forms for its attacks. Slime was initially confirmed on December 19th, 2015, during the Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015.


Slime is small and light, which means it’s easy for it to get knocked around. Its amorphous form allows it to shape shift in many different ways, which makes up the majority of it standard attacks. His movement is very fluid, allowing him to close in on fighters easily when he needs to. Its gelatinous body also gives him very good range at even basic attacks like its Down Smash or Up Tilt.

Although Slime may seem as a weak character to those who first try him out, he can easily become a threat when played correctly. Many of his attacks allowing him to transform add a sense of unpredictability and randomness to his moveset, with many moves dealing many hits and leading well into other attacks. In particular, his Elastoblast is a great move for starting a chain of attacks that begins with a grab and throw, and his Frizz can limit the movement of fighters and create an easy space for Slime to force his opponents into.


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Slime Twist Slime spins his body back and forth for a rapid attack, with a tackle for a finishing attack. 1-2%; 3%
Forward Tilt Glop Slime pushes himself forward to tackle others. 7%
Up Tilt Glob Needle Slime sharpens himself up and jabs upwards with high range. 9%
Down Tilt Wiggle Blob Slime extends himself on both sides, which can trip opponents. 5%
Dash Attack Slime Wheel Slime curls up into a ball and rolls forward. 8%
Forward Smash Slimepod Charges up backwards with a firm grip of the ground, and launches forward. 13%, 23% (charged)
Up Smash Slimenado Slime coils himself up as he charges, and rapidly uncoils himself like the movement of a tornado for his attack. 3% (hits 1-4), 5% (hits 1-4 charged)
Down Smash Boiling Bubbles Slime dissolves into the ground and creates a boiling puddle that hits multiple times. 2% (hits 1-5); 5% (hits 1-5 charged)
Neutral Aerial Goo Swirl Slime extends itself in all directions as it spins around. 7%
Forward Aerial Goo Pierce Slime creates a row of spikes forward with its body. 8%
Back Aerial Whipblob Slime extends itself into a whip and swings itself backwards. 6%
Up Aerial Springy Glob Slime converts into a whirling spring that pushes up for multiple hits. 2-3% (hits 1-3)
Down Aerial Goop Breaker Slime transforms into a sharp drill that drives through enemies. 1% (hits 1-12)
Grab N/A Slime attempts to wrap around an opponent. N/A
Pummel Hilt Slime chokes the opponent. 1%
Forward Throw Glop Throw Slime winds up and throws the opponent forward. 10%
Back Throw Slammer Slime Flips upside down and slams down backwards, crushing the opponent. style="text-align:center;”12%
Up Throw Stack Medley Slimes pop up from the ground as the opponent is bounced upwards. 9%
Down Throw Goo Bubble Surrounds the opponent in a bubble of Slime that pops and hurts the foe. 10%
Floor Attack Pin Slime Slime rises back up and strikes high by extending itself up. 7%
Trip Attack Swirling Rise Slime creates pools of slime that swirl around. 2-3% (hits 1-3)
Edge Attack Slime Wall Slime gets up and hardens its structure, dropping to the floor. 9%, 5% (sourspot)

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Back Up! After pressing the button, a random Slime’s picture will show up, and Slime will begin to charge a meter. Slime cannot move while charging, and can cancel by using his shield. After the meter fills up, the Slime pictured will appear and use an assisting technique. After summoning a Slime, there is a cool down period of about 30 seconds before it can be summoned again, and the amount of time it takes to charge grows when used in rapid succession. The types of Slime that can be summoned are:

  • Healslime - A friendly tentacled Slime that will slowly heal Slime with about 4% lost every 3-4 seconds. The effect lasts for 20 seconds.
  • Bubble Slime - A goopy Slime that takes the form of a puddle, it will drop down when summoned and create a large puddle about the size of a platform in Battlefield for about 10 seconds. Players that walk on the puddle will take about 2% damage every second and trip more often.
  • Slime Knight - A small knight riding on top of a Slime, it will charge up and unleash an attack that hits all foes for 20% damage.
  • King Slime - A large Slime with a tiny crown on top of its head. When summoned, it will heavily boost the power of a random stat for all fighters. These stats include speed, jumping prowess, physical attacks and grabs, special attacks, defense, and knockback. The effect lasts for about 15 seconds.
Custom Special 1 Critical Back Up! Takes longer to charge, but the effects of the summons are greater. Healslime heals more damage, Bubble Slime’s radius is larger, Slime Knight is more powerful, and King Slime boosts stats even more. N/A
Custom Special 2 Random Encounter The Slime that is chosen to assist will not show up during charging, but up to 2 assists can now be used at a time, and the cool down is reduced to 22 seconds. N/A
Side Special Elastoblast Holding the button allows Slime to extend back and charge, while releasing the button allows him to rocket forward to attack enemies. When charging, the player can move the control stick up and down to aim the angle that Slime flies in. In the air, Slime will simply attack opponents, but when his target is on the ground, he will grab them instead. This allows for the potential of a follow-up throw. 5%-15%
Custom Special 1 Cannonblob Slime will launch up into the air before crashing back down. Can spike opponents at the start of the descent, and works as a second recovery.  5% (ascent), 11% (descent)
Custom Special 2 Elasto Slime will slowly charge back if the special button is held by the player. During this charge, Slime has super armor. After the button is let go (or a short time after the maximum charge is reached) Slime will dash forward in a powerful roll. 8-18%
Up Special Chimaera Wing Slime flies very high vertically using the Chimaera Wing, dealing good electrical damage but lacking in horizontal power. 4% (hits 1-3)
Custom Special 1 Lightning Chimaera Slime’s recovery loses a lot of vertical height in exchange for more horizontal recovery and power. 6% (hits 1-3)
Custom Special 2 Arc Chimaera A gradually rising attack that allows the Chimaera Wing to keep rising even after Slime is dropped. 3%
Down Special Frizz Slime charges up a fireball, and can move around while charging energy. When released, he will launch the fireball downwards in a diagonal angle, which will travel until it runs out of power. The fireball can pierce through opponents, or travel across the floor to start small fires that act as stage hazards for about 4 seconds. 3%-12%, 2-3% (fire hazard)
Custom Special 1 Infernal Frizz A sharp, uncharged Frizz is shot at high speeds in a downward diagonal angle. The Frizz will not pass through opponents but acts as a shield breaking move instead. If it hits the ground, it will cause a brief column of fire to pop out. 8%, 6% (fire hazard)
Custom Special 2 Scorch Slime’s Frizz will barely hurt opponents, but the area of fire that covers the ground will be much wider and powerful. Charging it results in a stronger fire hazard. 1%, 9%-13% (fire hazard)
Final Smash Schleiman Tank Slime hops around as he plays the Warrior’s Flute, summoning the large Schleiman Tank from the background. It rests in the left side of the screen, and opens up to reveal its cannon. The cannon fires a large beam that will deal rapid damage to any opponents, and it can even change its angle if the player tilts the Control Stick up and down. After a short time, the laser will unleash a final shot dealing good knockback. 8% (per hit)


  • Up: Performs a backflip with a smile.
  • Right: Flattens itself and floats in the air for a second before returning to normal.
  • Left: Spins around twice.
  • Down: Squashes its shape to give it a larger, more cylindrical look, before reverting to its original form.

On-Screen Appearance

Slime drops on screen and bounces up as the text “A slime draws near!” is shown.

Select Sound

Slime is heard bouncing around.

Victory Poses

  • Slime is shown far away, before he Elastoblasts to the front of the screen.
  • Slime is shown making a bunch of flips, bouncing around and having fun.
  • Slime is shown as a puddle of bubbles before he reverts to his classic teardrop shape.

Losing Pose

Slime is simply shown hopping around a bit.

Idle Poses

  • Hops around a bit.
  • Ducks slowly into the ground to create a puddle, but pops back up.

Victory Fanfare

An arrangement of the Fanfare from the SNES version of Dragon Quest VI.



The classic Slime draws near into Smash Bros. This cheerful creature is the main icon of the Dragon Quest series, a pudgy and podgy teardrop who speaks a foreign language known as “Gooman”. Slimes are well known for their elasticity, and their very loose shape allows them to undergo many forms as it fights.


The Slime is surrounded by many relatives around the world, each with different powers. For example, the Healslime can slowly take off percentage from slime, and the Bubble Slime sits still as a puddle for others to slip and hurt themselves. The Slime that is summoned is nearly random, but you can cancel out your attack by shielding to stop the charge..


Slime’s Elastoblast is a far-reaching attack that can grab foes on the ground. The Cannonblob is a special variant that throws you high in the air before crashing down. More downward attacks include the Frizz, which is a chargeable fire attack that can cause hazards on the stage. Watch your feet!…Unless you’re Slime. Slime doesn’t have feet, right?

Battle Spire

Slime hops into the large Schleiman Tank! Built in the image of the blue blob itself, it features cannons that can fire all sorts of objects. In Smash Bros., this tank launches a large horizontal beam that streaks across the stage. It can even be aimed up and down through the Control Stick. No wonder it’s known as the “Hero of Slimenia”!

Palette Swaps



Reveal Trailer - Encounter In The Wild

A flashing light is seen in the middle of the screen as it grows brighter and the edges extend to form the Smash logo. The screen then flashes to white and begins the trailer.

The scene begins in a grassy area, where everything seems to be peaceful. However, a blazing fire then scorches the area, as the source is revealed to be a nearby Charizard. Mario, Zelda, Takamaru, and Lucas all approach the beast and prepare for a team attack, launching the Charizard far away. As the team celebrates their success, Lucas accidentally trips and causes the whole group to back up a bit. They spot rustling patches of grass in front of them, as the screen shifts to a make-believe battle scenario where the party is against a group of Slimes.

One Slime then appears on a new aerial stage, spinning around before setting out. It is shown assaulting Mario through aerial attacks, and then sharpens itself to stab Mario from below. The Slime is then shown charging an attack, summoning a King Slime. Another scene shows Slime ducking to avoid an attack from Lucas while a nearby Healslime gives Slime some more health. Takamaru attempts to fight Slime as well, but stops as he confronts a Slime Knight.

Slime is then shown against the last of the party members, Zelda. It gets hit into the air by a Din’s Fire, but quickly retaliates with a Frizz. Zelda attempts to run away from the growing flames but gets caught by Slime’s Elastoblast. In a final group attack, the 4 heroes pictured at the beginning of the trailer attempt to charge at Slime, but trip thanks to a nearby Bubble Slime.

With his opponents knocked down, Slime manages to initiate his Final Smash, drawing in the Schleiman Tank. It reveals its cannon and fires a large laser at all 4 characters before launching the final blow, knocking them all out. Slime drops down, surrounded by all sorts of different summoned Slimes, and smiles towards the camera before a bright flash reveals the Super Smash Bros. Crusade logo.

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