Slaughterbus Takes Flight
Area Cosmic Fantendoverse
Opened 2015
Status Operating
Designer Sr.Wario, General Concept by TerrariaBoss, Pre-Ride by Randomfrog
Type Motion Simulator
Theme Slaughterbus, Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Riders Per Vehicle 20
Height restriction 45 inches

Slaughterbus Takes Flight is a 3D Motion Simulator located at The World of Fantendo based off of Slaughterbus and Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Set during the aforementioned Shattered, visitors board the crude bus Slaughterbus in order to save the universe from the Shattering, flying through a random Fantendoverse location.

The ride is an original at the park, opening in 2015, along with the park. Reception has been (TBA).


The ride was originally pitched to Sr.Wario during the park's construction by TerrariaBoss, who suggested a Motion Simulator called Zeon Tour revolving around a plane flight through Zeon during Fissure, based upon the Prodigy series. He described his pitch as:

After a line, people enter a place with a plane able to fit 16 people. In front of seats is basically a TV that'll show you planet Zeon. You can also look out the windows of the plane, and you'll hear a guy talking to you about Zeon in it. The ride begins by the plane going up (it takes place in a tall building) as the TV's turn on. The plane tilts to the right and left for turns and goes down for when it well drops. After 3 landmarks of Zeon are visited, the plane shakes as a earthquake happens. The TV shows the giant fissure opening up as the host says to get the plane to safety. The ride will then begin to dip up, down, and more frequently tilt right and left. Soon the plane falls in the fissure (the floor of the room the ride takes place in opens up allowing for the plane to head down) as the host begins to speak again and says that if you can hear him that you should exit the plane. A giant TV is then above the door out showing the host telling you that you should be rescued shortly and that you should just exit the door (which now opens). After that the riders head up some stairs (by now the plane will be accepting more people for the ride) to the exit.

This pitch was altered after Sr.Wario needed more rides for Cosmic Fantendoverse. In addition, Sr.Wario was also a huge Shattered fan, and Slaughterbus was an already established vehicle and character. Plus, he wanted more creative freedom than the original pitch.



Riders enter through a large desolate elementary school building called Sinless Elementary in the center of the Cosmic Fantendoverse, showing the logo and the height restriction. Posters inside show various Shattered characters, with the line leading into a kindergarten room that leads outside through a playground, into a cafeteria where they can pick up their Slaughter Goggles(3D Glasses), and head through a tunnel. Inside, riders meet up with Slaughterbus, who yells at them and explains the situation, giving safetly guidlines as well. At the head of the ride, riders hop into the Slaughterbus, and the ride begins.


Riders sit down in a large bus consisting of 5 rows with 4 seats, restraining riders with belts, with compartments on the back of the person ahead of them's seat. A backview mirror allows Slaughterbus to communicate with the riders. From there, the ride begins as they rush to Clockwarx, stopping in one of 10 locations:

  • Slaughterbus stops by Artizz to pick up Sketch. Unfortunately though, Lord Spightmare splits the planet into 6 parts, with pieces of land flying across and nearly hitting Slaughterbus until one hits it, making it fall onto the ground. The Big Bandit makes things worse by stealing the engine, but Slaughterbus is saved from falling into the molten core of Artizz by Sketch, who draws a new engine. They blast off as Lord Spightmare chases them, blasting giant beams at them.
  • Slaughterbus stops by the Spirit Universe to pick up Smile. However, Chaos appears and blasts laser spears at it, which they have to soar above to avoid. Slaughterbus is hit though, causing it to crash down at high speeds until the Wind Spirit appears, blasting them into the air. Smile appears in the nick of time, using the Order Spirit to seal away Chaos and holding Slaughterbus up with the Greedy Spirit. He uses the Engineering Spirit to fix it, and they blast off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by John Mogwai Land to pick up John Mogwai, but the Police mistake Slaughterbus and it's riders for accomplices. The police shoot down Slaughterbus, causing it to drive along the highway, swiftly moving around corners and other cars. The police catch up at a bridge, but Mogwai drives by, using Lactokinesis to send the police off track and hopping in. Slaughterbus turns on full power as they go up the ramp, and it luckily works, sending them blasting off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by Earth to pick up Mika Sho. Disguising himself as a school bus, he stops by her elementary school. However, things go unexpectedly wrong when a giant mecha comes out of the school, piloted by Mr. Riley. Slaughterbus has to do a roll to evade a missile, and charges into the mecha at high speeds. Mr. Riley blasts a giant missile at the bus, but it is destroyed right in time when Mika Sho runs by, blasting a fireball at it. Mika hops in Slaughterbus, as they run over Mr. Riley's mech and blast off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by Chargio to pick up Volt. Racing through, Strato appears in front of Slaughterbus and blasts electricity at Slaughterbus, causing a surge in it's power, causing it to race away uncontrollably at high speeds. Slaughterbus stops hard after crashing into a canyon. Suddenly, a Goliath appears, chasing Slaughterbus and picking it up to smash it. Suddenly, Hailey blasts it with her rifle, dropping Slaughterbus on to the ground. Volt runs by and hops in, and they blast off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by The Wasteland to pick up the Wasteland Warriors. Slaughterbus flies past the Wasted Sea, with Squid Bullets firing at Slaughterbus as he swerves around rapidly to avoid them. One Squid Bullet hits, knocking Slaughterbus into the Rock Stadium, where Jr. Rock and Watch is performing. Titan Scraps crash the party though, dissipating the crowd and smothering Slaughterbus. Suddenly, the Wasteland Warriors come in to help out, knocking them away and hopping in. Slaughterbus blasts off, as Squid Bullets fire at it.
  • Slaughterbus stops by Candyland to pick up Anna Biscuit. Accidentally, Slaughterbus gets entered in the race, and goes at full speed to catch up to Anna Biscuit. However, Gina uses a Cherry Bomb to get Slaughterbus out of the race, knocking them to the edge of the track. As they are about to fall off, the other racers pull them off, and give them a boost. They go at high speeds, and catch up with Anna who joins up with them. They blast off, leaving Gina in the dust.
  • Slaughterbus stops by Western Forest to pick up Bowie. There, Ashe, Flare, Sabeuxo, and Oscargen greet Slaughterbus and the riders. Suddenly, Endal teleports behind them and uses telekinesis to pick up Slaughterbus and hurl it into the distance. They smash into a rock and begin sinking in the water, when Bowie appears and creates a giant rock arm that lifts them up. Suddenly, Endal teleports and uses telekinesis to splash Bowie with water, knocking him down. Endal spins Slaughterbus into the sky, while attacking the weakened Bowie. Endal lands, and runs over Endal, allowing Bowie to hop in, as they blast off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by to 4.5 pick up PalmMan. However, just as they arrive, MineMan hops onto Slaughterbus and drills out the wheels, causing it to go onto the mine cart track. They then go into a drop as Slaughterbus goes completely dark, until Napalm is blasted at the wall and lights it up, revealing a bottomless pit. Slaughterbus slowly begins to tilt and fall until PalmMan appears and blasts Napalm at Slaughterbus, causing an explosion that knocks Slaughterbus out of the mine and onto a ridge. Slaughterbus is fixed up quickly by PalmMan, and they blast off.
  • Slaughterbus stops by a swamp to pick up 3.14. TBA

In a flash of light, they reach Clockwarx and find the main group surrounding him. One of the following things happen as they meet up with the main group:

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

With Clockwarx dazed, the group cheers "WE ARE THE LIGHT" as a bright flash of light ends the ride. Slaughterbus thanks the riders, and they exit through a tunnel back into the Cosmic Fantendoverse.




  • The ride has been called "the most work I've done for the park" by Sr.Wario.
  • This ride had the most people working on it, with Sr.Wario leading design, and TerrariaBoss and Randomfrog for additional concepts.
  • Riders can spot a Lectro cameo in the Mika Sho segment, as one of the students.

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