Slaughterbus (character)
Slaughterbus, drawn by Exotoro (tbc)
Full Name Dr. Slaughterbus "Juan Nobel Driver" Slaughterbus, PHD
Current Age Infinite?
Gender Male
Species Sentient mechanoid
Location Space
Class Hero
Righteous dude
Family and Relations
Tortureshuttle (rival, predecessor)
Ability/ies Space travel
Modular body
Flash cloning
First Appearance Slaughterbus

Slaughterbus is a sentient weaponized bus designed for slaughtering by unknown forces. Not even the gods know where he came from, but he wanders the universe, liberating the oppressed and introducing his heavy metal philosophy to those he meets.


Slaughterbus is an average-sized schoolbus (though apparently larger on the inside) with large thrusters on the back and no wheels. Slaughterbus can take on a number of modifications both cosmetic and functional, but most often appears with two metal T-rex heads orbiting him.

He can also create a temporary human body through flash cloning, who typically appears well-tanned with large sunglasses and a pilot's uniform.



Not much is known about Slaughterbus's debut due to the game's unfinished nature. At some point, he fought against Spacethority, a society of mechanoids who survived the destruction of an Earth-like planet, and won, toppling their regime before heading out into space once more.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Denos found Slaughterbus out in space at some point before the Shattering, and he took on the task of getting Unten and his allies to Clockwarx.

Slaughterbus Forever

I won't spoil it, but of course he's here.


Slaughterbus is self-described as "perfect at everything", and is incredibly anti-authority, working alone when possible. Despite this, he is willing to educate others on his world views in hopes of forging a better tomorrow.