You, <insert your name here>, are radical. You are the Slaughterbus. Defy the Spacethorities.

Slaughterbus: A Game About Designing Weaponized Buses That Slaughter Things
Developer(s) FantasizeStudioslogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Immerse
Release Date(s)
July 16th, 2014
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Genre(s) Free-roam
Successor Super Slaughterbus Part II
Media Included Wii U disc, Immerse disc

Slaughterbus: A Game About Designing Weaponized Buses That Slaughter Things, or just Slaughterbus, is a free-roam action game made by Fantasize Studios. The gameplay is simple- use a flying space bus to destroy a vast space city, and attach all sorts of weapons to said bus to better do the job, all while completing missions and hating on the Spacethorities.


Long ago, Earth exploded after Necronometal, the band of heavy metal robots, final tour ended. The survivors, lead by Necronometal, built a space society of floating buildings, including schools, which needed bus shuttles. However, over time, Necronometal lost its edge and became orderly, thus making them tight authority figures. As schools are being destroyed so that robots can become the dominant workers, one noble bus shuttle driver, named Juan Noble Driver, must pilot his bus shuttle and attach a plethora of weapons to it, in order to take down the Spacethorities.


Controls (using Wii U Gamepad)

  • Right trigger: Accelerate
  • Left trigger: Brake
  • A: Boost
  • X: Fire front weapons
  • Y: Fire side weapons
  • B: Fire back weapons
  • Control stick/directional pad: Steer
  • Touchscreen: Mini-menu (look at map, modify Slaughterbus, etc.)


In Slaughterbus, you drive a bus-shuttle, the titular Slaughterbus, around a vast city floating in space. You can attack buildings, run into stuff, and just wreck havoc. To further this havoc, you can attach a variety of weapons to your bus, from buzzsaws to fists to robotic T-rex heads. You will also randomly receive missions, such as stopping the Spacethorities from ruining a metal concert. The city is yours for the taking, and you can do whatever you want. However, you must make sure your vehicle is radical enough, or else it will implode- to raise the radical levels, simply attach more weapons, paintjobs, and other things. Fail to do this within a 5-minute time period, and the bus will implode. You can buy additional weapons and customizations with Spacecreds, earned by completing missions or smashing into the bank.


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