Slash Termel Cymri is a Cat/Fox hybrid.  He was born in Snowden, Wales. His official birthday is 2/19/1804. He, at age 26, was cursed with non-aging immortality, however, he is capable of death to any form of typical fatality. His eyes are teal, and lack pupils. he is actually not blind. He supposedly is 210 as of Febuary 2nd, 2014. His entire digestive tract is suprisingly.... pale blue, with a hint of prekbleu (Dark Blue) at the tounge. He is Quazi-Plasmakinetic, which explains the teal miasma emmited by his gloves. 
Slash (Excited)

Social life

He does not approve of stickmen, as he calls them 'Rubbish-Spawned Malletheads'. His romantic life is confusing, he at first dated a woman named Carrinoll. He lost intrest, however, he DID have a son with her after such. Like I said before, he is gay. SHUT UP with your "Gay is wrong" CRAP. He is technically athiest, with a hint of Roman-Catholic. His main and mortal enemy is a disfigured stickman named Croswel.

Physiology and measurement

He is about 493 lbs is 7 ft. 5in, and is slightly overweight. He cannot consume nor digest ginger, as it DOES cause nausea, abdominal pain, and slight choking fits for him. His accent is faint, although he often speaks broadly. 

Style and fashion

He wears shoes from 1987, which have zippers on them to 'pop on and off and over again' according to him. His current home is decorated with David Bowie records, decent clothing for guests, and lots of SPAM®. He often enjoys cherry martinis, wine, and, aformentioned, SPAM®, with cheese. He has a scar similar to that of Ruruni Kenshin on his left cheek.

Things he keeps a BLOODY INTREST IN

Alright. Since you guys've just officially ruined my article, here's my DECENT OPINION. I've decided that I'm just not going to comment. Go spam my stupid comments bar with your obcenities (And sorry to those who ACTUALLY WROTE SOMETHING BESIDES "You suck"!!)  Cats- He LOVES cats. He's also a Whovian, the OFFICIAL term for someone who is obsessed with the popular British TV drama (Yep, that's right! Doctor Who was originally a drama!!) He often spends his time as often on Youtube, (Note: This IS fictional, so don't go hating Youtube all of a sudden.) and hosts a show called Ask Slash. (NOTE: FICTIONAL. THIS IS A FANON WIKI.)

I have no other things to say, so just stop. 

Extra Info

He has slight Optical Cataracts- They do not blind him, although they DO give his eyes the teal, hazy look.

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