Slapstick Games is a company started by ElectricMayhem that creates videogames, first debuting in 2015 with the release of Hard Willy: XL Edition.


"Hey well everyone else seems to have a made-up video game company so yeah." - ElectricMayhem

Slapstick Games was founded by Fantendo user ElectricMayhem in 2015, while a reboot to the Hard Willy series was in development. Upon the release of the game, Hard Willy: XL Edition, ElectricMayhem announced a sequel, Hard Willy XL: Touched by an Angel, which is yet to be released. The next year, Turtle Legion: Extreme Turtlification was released, and after that, in 2018, Slapstick Games developed Balloon Fight: The Great Balloon Battle. In 2019, Slapstick Games co-developed Super Smash Bros. Nitro along with HAL Laboratory.

Notable games

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