Slapshot Koopa
Full Name Slapshot Koopa
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Location Hail City
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Hockey Stick

Slapshot Koopa is a character made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc), replacing Neo Koopa as his signature character. He is a Koopa Troopa that wears skates, hockey gloves, and a blue, black, and purple hockey jersey. His best friend is a Dry Bones named Shutout.


Ever since Slapshot was only 7, he had always had a love for hockey. Each day, he trained in skating and puck handling with his best friend and hockey mate, Shutout.

By the age of 11, he began to play for the school's hockey team. Many a time had he led his team to a championship. However, there was one enemy player that matched Slapshot's skill. His name was Hat Trick. He was a giant Koopa that constantly played physically. He had even injured a few of the other players on Slapshot's team. From then on, the two of them became enemies.

Slapshot grew up, and he and Shutout played for the Hail City Boulevard, and they became great and well-known hockey players. However, their old enemy, Hat Trick also made it to the major league's and plays for the Iceton Brutes.

To this day, Slapshot has made himself known using his hockey skill.

Powers & Abilities

Slapshot is very good at using a hockey stick and can fight with one quite well. He also has a hard slapshot with which he can use to attack enemies. He is very good at maneuvering across ice and can also fight with a hockey puck by shooting it at foes.