Slapshot: Playoffs is a Platformer/Puzzle game for the Nintendo DS being made by Lemmykoopa24. It is played like New Super Mario Bros., but some parts of the game are much more complicated.


It was the day of the final game. Slapshot and Shutout trained very hard for this and were certain that they could win the cup.

After an hours worth of extra practice, the Hail City Boulevard travelled to Savalfax to play against the Valley Pines. When they arrived, it was to their utter shock that they had found out the cup had been stolen!

After a while, the duo found out that the thief was none other than their biggest enemy, Hat Trick.

Knowing this, the hockey players set off to retrieve the cup.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is like that of NSMB, but is a bit more complicated and involves more touch-controlled gameplay. You use the D-Pad to move across the levels, defeating enemies and jumping over obstacles in order to retrieve the cup that Hat Trick stole. But the combat has changed. You control Slapshot and Shutout follows close behind or vice versa. Slapshot attacks the enemies, and Shutout has to touch them. Otherwise, Slapshot will take damage. Switching to Shutout will disable your ability to defeat enemies or shoot pucks, but you will gain the ability to withstand absolutely everything. You will also be able to block openings.

  • D-Pad - Move
  • A Button - Jump
  • B Button - Check
  • Y Button - Catch enemy
  • X Button - Switch Puck type
  • Stylus - Launch pucks








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