The Slam Engine is the game engine for the Darmanitan Slam series. This engine gives the games beautiful graphics, and does not affect regular gameplay. This engine's development began in 2008, and was finished in order to be used in Darmanitan Slam. The Slam Engine is very similar to the Hedgehog Engine, as light bounces off all objects to create a CGI-looking environment. In Darmanitan Slam 2, Darmanitan and Darumaka's models changed as well, along with the models of the supporting cast, enemies, and bosses. However, it is slightly toned down from the Hedgehog Engine, as the Wii would not be able to handle the graphics of the Hedgehog Engine. A Wii System Update would also have to be performed for Wiis built before the year of 2011.

The Slame Engine has been enhanced for the Wii U. The engine now surpasses the capabilities of the Hedgehog Engine.

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