Skyward Sword artwork for a Skytail
Habitat(s) Thunderclouds
First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)
Skytails are enemies that appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and are winged worm creatures that live in large thunderclouds such as the Thunderhead.

Skytails are fast and some usually are in small groups, they will try to locate the Loftwing and bite him which can cause damage to them. 

The only way a Skytail is defeated is by Spiral Charing at the back of their tails which is a red-ish spot and when that red-ish spot is touched, then the Skytail is defeated.


Skytails are large enemies that resemble worms. They have black fur with white stripes, Attenas, their mouth which has sharp teeth, white/green wings they use to fly, and a red-ish spot on the back of their tail which is their weakspot.


Skytails fly in winding, twirling motions, usually in small groups. When they see their prey, such as Link riding his Loftwing, they will congregate on his location and charge at him and his bird, aiming to bite him with their huge pincers.

They appear to be flying relatives of Moldorm, and much like their land-based cousins, they are meandering and unpredictable, making them hard to avoid and difficult to damage. Also like their land brethren, their weak point is the tip of their tails, which must be hit with a Charge or Spiral Charge from Link's Loftwing to destroy them.

Skytails are common throughout the Thunderhead, and are one of the primary dangers during the battle with Levias.


  • Skytails have some similarity to Molgera and Gyorg Pair.
  • Skytails, like other enemies encountered in the sky, cannot be targeted by Fi.
  • The Skytail's Japanese name is スカイテール (Sukaitēru), with テール (Tēru), or Tail being the Japanese name for Moldorms in most adventures.

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