Skyler the Riolu
Art from Legend's Wake
Full Name Skyler
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Gala Riolu
Location Castle Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
The Guardians
Main Weapon(s) Fists, feet, aura
Ability/ies Battle moves, agility, use of aura
Vulnerable To Type Flying
Type Psychic
First Appearance Legend's Wake
Latest Appearance Legend's Wake

Skyler is the main protagonist of the Legend's Wake series. His first appearance was in the series' first game, Legend's Wake. He and his family are Gala Pokémon, Pokémon with special abilities that regular Pokémon can never have.


Riolu Dream

Skyler, before his new color manifested

When Skyler was very young, he lived his life as a normal Pokémon. His family did not have the alternate colorations that Gala Pokémon usually have, so he was unaware of his abilities until his powers started manifesting. After that, his blue body became orange. His powers quickly became out of control and bothersome. He ran away from home and went into King Entei's program that trained Gala Pokémon to control their power and be able to use it as warriors. While training, he became good friends with a Gallade named Draven, who was also King Entei's first student.

Skyler barely tried during training and just liked to have fun instead. After he got used to his power, he began using it to play jokes on people. King Entei was brought in to teach Skyler humility and selflessness. When all else failed, the king thought it would be better to battle Skyler. The two fought, and the Riolu ended up losing badly. King Entei told him that while it was good to be happy, he had to find a way to erase the darkness in his heart so he could be a true hero. Skyler thought the king was just saying crazy things and ignored him.

When the evil sorceress Sheeva the Zoroark broke free from her seal, she began covering parts of Pokéworld in darkness. Thinking he could defeat her by himself, Skyler snuck out of Castle Town to find her and battle her. He still had very little training, but he knew enough to control his powers. On his journey he met a Piplup named Klip. Klip turned out to be a Gala Pokémon without any alternate colorations. They became friends, and by the end of Legend's Wake, they were best friends who were each willing to give their lives to save one another.

Skyler then met and fell in love with a "gorgeous" Servine. Her name was McKayla. When she joined the two, she started having a complicated relationship with Skyler. They have almost admitted their love for one another numerous times, but each time Klip was there to interfere.

Skyler, Klip, and McKayla were able to find and recruit other Gala Pokémon like them. They started calling their makeshift team "the Guardians," similar to the group of heroes that had defeated Sheeva years ago. Eventually they reunited with Draven, Ryker, Maxen, Axel, and Beretta. Together, they located Sheeva and managed to defeat her once and for all. Despite all that the team had been through, they disbanded. However, Skyler was one of the members who said that he would be willing to join again if another threat would arise.


Skyler's personality changes throughout the events of Legend's Wake. At first, he was childish, simple-minded, selfish, and somewhat conceited. As the game progresses, he learns many things about what it takes to be a true hero. He is now a noble, caring Pokémon. He is serious most of the time, but he likes to say a sharp-witted joke sometimes. He has been noted for his willingness to help anyone, especially complete strangers. This can sometimes lead him into trouble. Some of teammates have called his personality "typical."

Skyler is an optimist. He always thinks positively, but whenever things go drastically wrong, he becomes panicky and a little depressed, and it takes time for him to be optimistic again. With that optimism comes a serious demeanor. His seriousness has been known to cloud how much he really cares about anything. He puts his friends above all else, and he likes each of them equally. He has even stated that his friends are a second family to him.

He has an obvious love for one of his teammates, a Servine named McKayla. He acts clumsily around (except in battle, of course) out of nervousness. When McKayla started showing signs of liking him too, he became much more confident in himself. They have had numerous romantic moments, but each one has been stopped by Klip, who is jealous.

While not shown much in Legend's Wake, in Legend's Wake II he has shown to be very smart. It is extremely difficult to manipulate him or trick him. His sensory of aura allows him to see whenever someone is lying to him or if someone is an enemy. He has self-taught himself to use this power less and instead use his instincts, which have shown to never fail him.

Skyler is often very insecure when none of his fellow Guardians are there to back him up. This is reason to believe that he has monophobia, the fear of being alone. He has proven to be independent on rare occasions, however. He most likely developed this fear after he set out to find Sheeva, as he was not afraid to go out alone.

Game Appearances

  • Legend's Wake — His first appearance. He is the main protagonist. He sets off with the Guardians to find and defeat the eveil sorceress Sheeva. When he is an ally, his default Role is Soldier.


Legend's Wake
Level Name Type Power
Start Quick Attack Type Normal ★☆☆☆☆
7 Counter Type Fighting Varies
15 Force Palm Type Fighting ★★★☆☆
22 Bullet Punch Type Steel ★★☆☆☆
29 Low Kick Type Fighting Varies
34 Aura Sphere Type Fighting ★★★☆☆
41 Reversal Type Fighting Varies
52 Dark Pulse Type Dark ★★★★☆
60 Sky Uppercut Type Fighting ★★★★☆
65 Cross Chop Type Fighting ★★★★★