Skylar's D.C. Adventures (tentative title) is a TV show created by RTA fan (tbc). It airs on ABC and it follows Skylar Quinn, a young girl who tends to hang around Washington, D.C. with some friends. It started airing in 2017.


Major characters

Character Description
Skylar Quinn III Daughter to the Vice President, Skylar is a woman who doesn't care what anybody thinks of her, and likes to have a joke around with people, even if it is the wrong time.
Rosa Smith Skylar's best friend and daughter to the President. Rosa is, despite her high position, rather lax and likes to have some fun. She possesses telekinetic powers.
Hal van der Berg A young guy who has a degree from Georgetown, Hal tends to be the one who fixes up technology when it goes awry.
Sagana Afolabi A very athletic guy, Sagana is someone who likes to get out and do stuff. He wants to get into the NBA.
Natalie Rodriguez A young woman with psychic powers, Natalie tends to use her powers whenever people make vague statements that she can't figure out.
Adilson Santiago An orphaned man from Brazil, Adilson has spent most of his life putting stuff together. He spends most of his time in a tent.
Hannah Rivera A rich woman who hardly ever shows her rich side, Hannah is someone who does not like seeing others suffer, and regularly donates to charities.
Arif Javadi A young musician living in D.C., Arif wants to get his music career off the ground. He has skill in multiple instruments, but is struggling to get a band together.

Recurring Characters

Character Description
Skylar Quinn Jr. The Vice President of the United States and Skylar's mother, Skylar Jr. got active in politics at a young age. Skylar Jr. is generally unimpressed with her daughter's actions.
Antonio Smith President of the United States, Antonio is father to Rosa and has made a fair bit of history - youngest president, first Hispanic president and so on. He's a skilled negotiator, and it is a talent he passed on to his daughter.
Kyung-ok Park A young employee in a café not too far from the White House, Kyung knows Skylar and Rosa fairly well due to them almost always going into his café when they need to sort something out.


Episode Description
Pilot Skylar, a young woman, goes around Washington, D.C. with some friends, and some incidents occur.





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