Current Age 22
Date of Birth 30 March 2007
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Non-binary
Species Human
Location Kiedswit, Poland
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Polish
Height 5'3 (160cm)
Weight 102 lbs (46.2kg)
First Appearance Skylar

Skylar is a non-binary person who lives in northern Maine. They appear as the main protagonist of Skylar and a primary character of Alyssa. In Alyssa, they meet with Alyssa and they are investigated as the potential suspect of a series of murders across town.


Currently N/A



In Alyssa, Skylar makes friends with Alyssa, though they did not know that Alyssa had been planted to investigate them. Later in the story, Skylar's story that took place before the events of the game is explained; Skylar had dangerous encounters and threats with a serial killer.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Skylar appears to be androgynous, as they are non-binary. They have medium-length light-brown hair, along with brown eyes. They wear a dark blue shirt, along with a darker blue scarf and a black shirt underneath. They wear glasses as well.


Skylar has low self-esteem and usually feels unsafe whenever they are alone. They wish not to get in danger, though they care too much about their friends to let anything dangerous happen to them.


Skylar is a very good artist, and is also good at observing the smallest details of their surroundings. They believe that their artwork is not good and strive to become a much greater artist.



Skylar met Alyssa by chance, though little did they know at the time that Alyssa would be investigating them for murder. The two met in a café, where Skylar was sulking alone. Alyssa, throughout the course of her story, works to get to know Skylar and to help them pull through with their crippling depression. Alyssa grew a deep trust in Skylar -- she began to care deeply for them and support them.