Skylanders Rebirth
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprizes
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Platformer/Hack-and-Slash
Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: Trap Team
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

Skylanders Rebirth is a reboot of the Skylanders series developed by Pyro Enterprizes. Few details are currently known about the project, other than the fact that figures will no longer be required and that the plot will be more complex than previous entries.

Known Changes from Past Games

  • Master Eon will not appear in Rebirth at all.
  • No figures are required to play Rebirth, as Skylanders can instead be bought with in-game gold with a Portal of Power inside the hubworld.
    • However, figures are required to utilize characters introduced in past games (Spyro's Adventure to Trap Team).
    • Figures of Rebirth characters will be released- however, these have the same effect as Soul Gems from past games, unlocking a unique upgrade for the depicted character.
  • The plot will be more complex and mature than past games.
  • A bigger focus will be placed on the Light and Dark elements.


There are currently said to be 50 new Skylanders in Rebirth (50 of each elemental type). 3 out of these 50 may be selected as the first members of the player's team when first starting the game- the rest must be purchased with in-game currency.

FireElement Fire Skylanders FireElement
Spit Fire
A juvenile Flame Salamander, a species that lives in the swampier regions of Skylands. His skin constantly exudes a waxy substance that has highly flammable properties, giving him the ability to ignite himself at will. This specific specimen was found attacking workers at a paper factory that was using the trees to make paper, and was given to the original Portal Master group to keep under control.
TechElement Tech Skylanders TechElement
Force Shield
An experimental robot designed for construction, Force Shield possesses the ability to generate hardlight constructs. However, once an accident during testing revealed that Force Shield was capable of far more... destructive things, the High Elemental Council ordered that the project be shut down. The prototype robot was then sealed away by the Portal Masters.
EarthElement Earth Skylanders EarthElement
Cannon Father
Light Light Skylanders Light
Solar Power
Solar Power is a mage with great power over the sun. While he helped villages across Skylands obtain sunlight that they couldn't normally get, the power soon wne to his head, and he tried directing a massive beam of sunlight into a Darkness base. The resulting invasion cost thousands of lives, and Solar Power was sealed away for causing the incident.
LifeElement Life Skylanders LifeElement
Hive Mind
Self-proclaimed queen of the bees, Hive Mind originally held dominion over Hexlehole Forest, guarding it from anyone who dared trespass. She was eventually forced by outsiders to turn her swarms towards conquest rather than defense, and was sealed away by the original Portal Masters for her own safety- and that of the rest of Skylands.
AirElement Air Skylanders AirElement
An old sensei and master of the Striking Gale matrial art. A fearsome yet pacifistic warrior, he took on all comers and won almost flawlessly. Then the day came when he accepted a challenge from a Darkness-tainted warrior. he lost, but instead of backing down to the Darkness, he asked the Council to seal him away, so he could train even more.
WaterElement Water Skylanders WaterElement
Princess of the undersea Koral Kingdom, which, despite the pretty-sounding name, was a warrior kingdom, constantly trying to overthrow nearby smaller kingdoms. Marin was a master warrior, slaughtering opponents in battle- but was sealed away with the rest of her kingdom when it was decided that they were too violent.
MagicElement Magic Skylanders MagicElement
Ring Around
A small wooden doll originally crafted by a woodcarver in a small village. However, the doll came to life when exposed to an enchanted ring, which gave it the ability to open interdimensional portals. while the woodcutter wanted to raise the doll to be a son and assistant, the High Elemental Council had it sealed away.
DarkElement Dark Skylanders DarkElement
A fearsome bounty hunter with an amazingly high rate of success. However, Scarlight didn't work for money- he worked for the souls of his targets. Such a threat to Skylands was not tolerated by the High Elemental Council, and as such, the old Portal Masters were tasked with hunting him down and sealing him away.
UndeadElement Undead Skylanders UndeadElement
Handy Man
These two demonic hands worked in unison, spreading their dark pranks throughout Skylands. They were almost impossible to catch, as when one was caught, the other would warp it away. Finally, after both were captured, they attempted to reform- but the High Elemental Council had them sealed away anyway.

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