Skylanders is a TV series that is based off of the best-selling gaming franchise, Skylanders. This TV series fallows the exact same storyline as the games.

Season 1: Skylanders

The first season follows the Skylanders trying to rebuild the Core of Light after Kaos destroyed it with his Hydra.

# Title Summary
1 Beginning of the Adventure  Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy, after being blown away by Kaos' Hydra, returns to Skylands to see a Mabu village in danger due to a freak tornado. With the help of Flynn and Hugo, Master Eon's assistant, the trio of Skylanders help save the Mabu and go to the Ruins, the location of the Core of Light. They reunite with the other 29 Skylanders, and begin their plans to repair the Core of Light.

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