Skylanders: Warlords is an upcoming Skylanders game developed by Pyro Enterprizes alongside Toys for Bob and Activision. It will be released for Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Pyrohedron, and Nintendo 3DS.

All Skylanders figures released between Spyro's Adventure and Trap Team are compatible with Warlords.




Warlords introduces a new class of Skylander to the game- the Warlord. Warlords are capable of opening gates marked with a Warlord insignia, and they  gain stat boosts in combat against bosses. Warlords can also detect hidden Necronian Relics throughout the world, and can therefore equip and  access the benefits of these relics.


New Core Skylanders

Image Name Element Quote Description
Cacti Joe Life "Six Spikes- or Only Five?" Little is known about the mysterious Cacti Joe. What we do know is that this cactus bandit roams the Skyguaro Badlands, protecting towns from evildoers like Kaos. His skill at shooting from his cactus arm cannon makes him the best sniper in the Skylanders.
Snarewood Life "Got Ya!" Snarewood was born into a family of rich hunters, and was raised to be just as good of one. After he had ascended to the head of the family, however, Kaos's legion of Capture Trolls began stealing the animals from their private hunting ground. After beating the trolls and rescuing the animals, Snarewood decided to begin hunting Kaos- and put his snare-tossing skills to use as a member of the Skylanders.
Sporona Life "Breathe In... Breathe Out..." Sporona was once a normal girl who lived near the ancient Foreboding Forest. However, one day, she entered the forest, on the run from Trolls who were attacking her village. She ran all the way into a deep clearing, full of bizarre mushrooms. The spores slowly knocked her unconscious, and they began transforming her. When Sporona emerged from the forest, she was a terrifying incarnation of the forest itself. Exterminating every last Troll, the fusion of the girl and the forest's spirit vowed to protect the balance of nature at any cost.
Harvest Moon Life "Harvest Time!" Originally, this Skylander was no more than a scarecrow, built by a wizard to keep crows out of his prized corn field. One day, however, a giant crow, easily bigger than any other crow in Skylands, crashed into the field. This giant crow promptly began eating not only the corn, but the wizard's assistants. Quickly, the wizard cast a spell on the scarecrow, turning it into the scythe-wielding Harvest Moon. This creation quickly bested the giant crow, and he was quickly admitted to the Skylanders. And to this day, not a single crow has dared land near that field.
Airbag Air "I'm A Real Gas!" Windbag was originally an air elemental, a wild and free living windstorm. He enjoyed causing mischief all around Skylands, much to the dismay of practically everybody else. The final straw, however, was when he pulled a nasty prank on Master Eon, shaving off a good portion of his beard. To punish the elemental, Eon sealed him inside an enchanted cloth sack and forced him to join the Skylanders to make up for his misdeeds. While Windbag is now a Skylander, his penchant for pranks has never gone away. Just ask Kaos.
Wingman Air "Let's Blow This Tub!" Wingman is once of the most intelligent Trolls in Skylands. By that, we mean he's one of the only smart ones. Anyways, Wingman specialized in sabotaging things- what he wrecked, however, didn't connect with his morality. Therefore, he managed to destroy one of Kaos's bases, and everybody thought he was a Skylander. Little did they know- and they still don't- that the little saboteur never actually defected at all. He just wanted to sabotage more stuff- being a Skylander gave him more opportunities.
Sky Slash Air "Prepare to Fly!" While Sky Slash may seem like a harmless enough bird, don't let that fool you. This bluebird was trained in the ancient arts of Windjitsu, and she defends her home with a fiery passion. Being a bird, all of Skylands is her home. Meaning Kaos has felt the sting of her katana more than once.
Disaster Master Air "Hurricane's A-Comin'!" Disaster Master is a 750-year old warlock who resides in Vortex Tower. Back on his 50th birthday- for reference, 700 years ago- he discovered a spell that gave him the ability to manipulate natural disasters like hurricanes and massive thunderstorms. Naturally, he at first began using this talent to entertain the children in the surrounding islands. However, when an evil sorcerer stole the spellbook containing the spell, he decided to put his powers to use defeating him.
Drill Bit Earth "Let's Go For A Spin!" The mysterious starfish-like beast that is Drill Bit originally spent its days living in the bottom of a deep quicksand pit in Dusty Gust Desert. One day, however, it was dragged up by some of Kaos's minions in order to study it. Enraged, Drill Bit attacked them, throwing them into his sandy home, where they suffocated. Drill Bit eventually joined with Eon and the Skylanders to bring about the end of Kaos.
Burrows Earth "Can You Dig It?" Burrows used to be the head of a Molekin mining operation. One day, he was exposed to a mysterious radioactive ore deep within the earth. It altered his DNA, giving him laser vision and claws sharp enough to improve his digging skill by 9001 percent. The Molekin then decided to assist the Skylanders- while simultaneously becoming Skylands' first superhero.
Rocker Ball Earth "GOAL!" Rocker Ball is honestly one of the weirdest Skylanders in the organization to date. The small golem is very adept at the game of soccer, so he created modified crystal soccer balls with explosive powers to fend off the forces of darkness. Who he is, where he's from, why he joined the Skylanders, or even if he's actually a he, however are still unknown.
Axassin Earth "Prepare To Be Axassinated!" The mysterious vigilante Axassin was discovered in a secret underground chamber located on an island with a large amount of Arkeyan ruins, leading Master Eon to believe he, too, was Arkeyan. However, a quick analysis and carbon dating experiment showed that whatever Axassin was was even older than the Arkeyans. Eon asked the ancient being to join the Skylanders- he refused. Axassin finally accepted the offer once Eon gave him an enchanted pickaxe for a custom weapon.
Kaliente Fire "Toasty!" Kaliente's true face has never been seen, being constantly hidden behind his tiki-like mask. However, Kaliente has a fiery passion towards defeating the forces of Darkness that none can match. His fire-twirling skills and pyromancing powers grant him an amazing edge in combat.
Forge Fire "Hot off the Press!" Forge was well known for being one of the best blacksmiths in Skylands well before becoming a Skylander. His skill at creating weapons was only matched by his skill at using them. Unfortunately, Kaos heard of his prowess and kidnapped him and his young daughter. Forge escaped, and vowed to save his daughter no matter the cost. Eon heard of his plight and added him to the Skylander roster, in hopes of helping him save his little girl.
Spit Fryer Fire "Warm Enough For Ya?" Spit Fryer is the name given by Master Eon to the salamander-like beast that dwelled deep within Sunburst Volcano. This volcano erupted constantly, and those eruptions were all caused by Spit Fryer, who was constantly playing around within the magma. When an infamous group of evil miners began draining Sunburst Volcano's magma, however, the normally docile creature went feral, attacking the miners. Eon added Spit Fryer to the Skylanders team merely to protect the rest of Skylands from the crazed monster.
Drought Djinn Fire "Time For a Dry Spell!" This Sand Djinn was a fierce protector of her homeland even before she joined the Skylanders. She protected the people of the ancient Mirage Mountain by repelling powerful wind and rainstorms. They, in turn, began to see her as a goddess of harvest helping her wherever they could. When Kaos attacked the village with a powerful heat ray, however, the villagers blamed her for the resulting drought and loss of life. She fled to Eon, beggimg him to help her get revenge on Kaos.
Sir Voider Magic "Suck Up Your Pride and Fight!" Sir Voider is a member of the Astralonian race, who were celestial beings who embodied pieces of the cosmos. Voider represented the black hole, and lived out his days as a royal guard. However, his entire battalion was slaughtered when Kaos attempted an invasion of the Astralonian capital. The king and queen made it out OK, but Voider joined the Skylanders in an attempt to avenge his friends.
Wiz Magic "Abra-Ca-Die!" Wiz is a Skylander who really shouldn't be a Skylander. However, this mysterious magician somehow caught Master Eon's eye one night after he had had one too many Boggly Rootbeers, and he drafted him into the group. Luckily enough, Wiz actually had a decent amount of combat skill, and after a bit of training, became the most powerful wizard in the Skylanders.
Nitro Light Magic "Nighty Night!" After she discovered a method of turning light into a harnessable form of power, the scientist known as Nitro Light began making plans to create solar power devices to power all of Skylands. After her first machine was completed, however, a rival scientist stole the device to power a large tank that he promptly sold to Kaos. Creating a magic suit of armor powered by the same solar technology, Nitro Light went off in pursuit of her stolen invention.
Headmaster Magic "Put Your Thinking Caps On!" A professor and wizard at Skylands' most prestigious college, Larkvale University, Headmaster was a teacher of something he liked to call "quantum manipulation". This highly controversial subject eventually got him banned from Larkvale, but a few days later, the school was attacked by Kaos, who was looking for a rare Skylandosaur fossil located within the school. Headmaster arrived on the scene, wielding amagic tome containing all his research on quantum manipulation- which as it turned out, was the distortion of reality. After driving off Kaos, Headmaster got his old job back- as well as a place in the Skylanders.


Image Name Element Quote Description
Mischief Maker Life "Let's Make Some Noise!" This manic monkey might not look like much, but she is actually the Warlord that protected the ancient Canopei Kingdom. Mischief Maker is a veritable master of the surprise attack, able to climb around on her own personal vines before dropping explosive coconuts.
Buzzkill Life "Buzz Off!" The Warlord that protected the ancient Hexornex Kingdom. He was commander of a legion of insects that guarded the kingdom with more ferocity than any other warrior in Skylands. However, it is stated that the one thing Buzzkill fears is... bug spray. Seriously, he has a phobia of the stuff.
Cloud Layer Air "Trolling Thunder!" Cloud Layer, before being the Warlord that protected the ancient Thunderbomb Kingdom, was a mine-layer in the Thunderbomb Army. These weren't regular mines, but electric storm mines created by Cloud Layer himself. After an unfortunate turn in a battle against a powerful opponent, the day was saved when the invading beast fell into a pit filled with the special mines. Cloud Layer was then promoted for his massive contribution to the fight.
Atmospear Air "Sharp Drop Ahead!" Despite not being the brightest Skylander, Atmospear was the Warlord in charge of protecting the ancient Aerondo Kingdom. With the amazing power to generate weaponry by vacuuming air into the shape of spears, swords, or anything else he desired, he could truly turn the tide in battle.
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