Skylanders: Tinies is the fourth game in the Skylanders series.


For 20,000 generations, the Skylanders have all been banished to Earth. The 2nd generation, 10,000-19,999, are the current Skylanders, and the Giants (first Skylanders) were found recently. Now, Clock Worker, a future Skylander from the 20,000th year of Skylanders, has teleported to the past and brought all his friends. Unfortunately, in current times, Kaos has come back and turned Clock Worker evil, leaving all the future Skylanders in the past. The thing is, every generation of Skylanders gets smaller and smaller- but these future Skylanders can do stuff like go through doors or open locks without keys!


All old Skylanders and Giants from previous games are playable, and new versions of them like Season 4 Skylanders and Crystal Skylanders, which collect crystals and have crystallized life so it lasts forever, unless a Crystal Enemy takes it away.

New Magic

Tiny: Wuzzard (Black/Purple spikeball) QUOTE:] You just got SPIKED! Normal: Mr. Mister (Top hat in normal form, smoke in mist form) QUOTE: Passin' gas, people! Giant: Wanderer (Giant wand with arms and legs, purple smoke flies around it)

New Water

Tiny: O. Shinkick (Green ninja fish) QUOTE: Say hello to my little self! Normal: Shell Sheild (Inhuman Sheild with a shell instead) QUOTE: Picking Seashells by the War! Giant: Seven-See (Surfboard with 7 eyes and sunglasses that cover all of them)

New Tech

Tiny: Mush-Chine (Old dusty robot) Normal: Battlery (Electric battery) QUOTE: Double A+! Giant: Gizmow (Paper Shredder with gears) QUOTE: Enemies will be CAUGHT SHRED-HANDED!

New Life

Tiny: New Leaf (Bush with eyes) Normal: Poison Croak (Purple frog with poison) QUOTE: After poison, I'll chop you in ribbits! Giant: Fightosynthesis (Sun with nunchucks) QUOTE: I ain't a father, I'm a sun!

New Fire

Tiny: Newburn Baby (Fire baby) QUOTE: Creepy crawly! Normal: Coffin' (Smoke) QUOTE: It's bad to smoke, but not to BE smoke! Giant: Extinguisher Extinguisher (Firey fire extinguisher) QUOTE: I can't save ya, I just got burned!

New Undead

Tiny: Rest In Pieces (Zombie hand) QUOTE: I sure am handy when it comes to fighting! Normal: Pirabid (Mummy dragon) Giant: Gouda and Bat (Vampire cheese) QUOTE: Cut the cheese and I'll still be alive!

New Earth

Tiny: Rockstar (Star-shaped rock) QUOTE: The 3 F's: Fame, Fortune, and Fighting! Normal: The Quaking Duck (Two half-duck statues connected with a rock) QUOTE: Quakers for parrot, bread for me! Giant: Terror Firma (One third stone, one third dirt, one third grass; shaped like giant groundhog) QUOTE: Stone, dirt, or grass? ALL OF THE UNDER!

New Air

Tiny: Plane Ol' Hamster (Hamster with plane wings) QUOTE: Are you a Wright Brother? Well, you're wrong about that! Normal: Cylicopter (Cylinder with propeller) Giant: Diver Dyer (Colorful parachute) QUOTE: Let's chute those enemies down!

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