Skylanders: Time Wars
Developer(s) Phazonworks, Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Activision
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance, Xbox One, Playstation 5
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: SuperChargers
Successor Skylanders: Elite Forces
 Skylanders: Time Wars is the 6th entry of the series; more along the lines of past entries, Time Wars introduces a brand-new class: the Time Travellers.


Being depowered has left Kaos in a state of depression and frustration: with nothing else to do but work with the good guys, Kaos is getting nowhere in his goal to rule Skylands, and fast. That is, until one of his sleeper agents discovered a device which would not only restore his powers, but allow him to travel throughout time with little to no trouble at all: The Chronologic Eggtimer.

Using this device, Kaos travels throughout time and collects various objects he plans to use in his most diabolical plan yet: combining all the power of his past selves into one supreme overlord and unstoppable army for all of Skylands to bow before (or at least that's what he says); but his abuse of the fabric of time and space has not gone unnoticed. Unwittingly, Kaos awakened a special team of Skylanders recruited to protect the Eggtimer: the Time Travellers, who use their powers to unite all the Skylanders to face off with Kaos in a battle that will take them back to the beginning of time itself!

Coming Soon.


The gameplay, keeping all the past classes of Skylanders in mind, is diverse compared to the past entries; there are 6 modes excluding the main story:

  • Core of Light, Mark 2 -
  • Campaign of Disarmament -
  • Cloudbreak Patrol -
  • Skylands' Most Wanted -
  • Skylands' Ridepocalypse Derby -
  • Beyond Imagination -
  • The Hands of Time -

(More Coming Soon)


For a full list of all compatible Skylanders, see here.

Class Function(s) Signature Mode Description
Time Traveller
  • Open Time Element Gates
  • Solve Time-Based Puzzles
The Hands of Time
  • Use special Sky Chi moves
Beyond Imagination
  • Drive Vehicles
  • Activate Supercharge Rift Gates
Skylands' Ridepocalypse Derby
Trap Master
  • Break Traptanium Shards
  • Do bonus damage against bosses
Skylands' Most Wanted
SWAP Force
  • Access areas with two different elements
  • Creates a powerful elemental fusion attack
Cloudbreak Patrol
  • Perform Feats of Strength
  • Has double the strength of a normal Skylander
Campaign of Disarmament
Champion Series
  • Triple the Normal Stats
  • 3 Wow Pows at once
  • 2 Different Playstyles
Core of Light, Mark 2