Skylanders: The Hunt is an upcoming Skylanders game for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. It is confirmed that the figures from Spyro's Adventure and Giants will work for this game.


Like stated above, the Spyro's Adventure and Giants figures of Skylanders will work in this game, along with one other characters per element, and adding a new element, though it as yet is not confirmed. The multiplayer battle mode returns, along with a total of six new minigames. There is also confirmed to be side-quests.

New Skylanders


To be confirmed.


  • Chompies
  • Crunchers
  • Unknown giant red Chompies
  • Unknown enormous purple Chompies with arms
  • Unknown enemies that greatly resemble Lakitus
  • Unknown buzzard-like enemies
  • Air Spell Punk
  • Water Spell Punk
  • Life Spell Punk

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