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Skylanders: Guardians is a new Skylanders Game for Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox360, 3DS, Nintendo Platinum, and ROC. 

They Only Appear In Skylander Titans.


Spyro ROCU




At the start of Skylands, There was a group of elemental experts called the guardians. The guardians represented each element. They invented the eight elements, and gave the position to Master Eon. While the guardians were fight Pandamonious, Kaos' Great Great Great Grandfather, He used his ultimate Tank to blast them to Our World. Now You have found the guardians and you are ready to stop Kaos, who has just rebuilt the Ultimate Tank.


The Eight Guardians
Argus The Magic Guardian! Skilled in using his enchanted spear to control magic.
Pyrosus The Tech Guardian! He uses his skills in inventing weaponry to control the element of tech.
Water Guardian
Jaws The Water Guardian! He uses his Neptune Blaster to summon urchins and control the element of water.
Fire Guardian
Fossil Fuel The Fire Guardian! His body has been singed, but now he uses his magical brain to control the element of fire.
Snap-Snap The Life Guardian! He uses his photsynthasis powers to control the element of life.
Shadow Master The Undead Guardian! He uses his cursed spirit to control the element of undead.
Wind Bag The Air Guardian! He uses his blusterous body to control the element of air.
Earth Guardian
Stompsaurus The Earth Guardian! He uses his unbreakable armour to control the element of earth.

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