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A Skylanders game with Falco as the main Skylander.


Falco Lombardi

Toon Link


Freddy Fazbear


Slender Man

Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo




23 original songs by Today's Hottest Artists!

1. Ariana Grande - No Stopping Me

2. Adele - I Will Fight

3. Zayn Malik - Warrior

4. The Weeknd - Outer Space

5. James Bay - Hero

6. Justin Bieber - The Choice Is Yours

7. Sia ft. Katy Perry - The Time Is Ours

8. Nicki Minaj ft. Zayn Malik & Belladora Lee - Survival

9. Eminem - save the world 

10. Elle King - There Ain't Anytime To Waste

11. Coldplay ft. Adele & Wiz Khalifa - I Will Rule The World

12. Drake - I Will Not Be Moved

13. DJ Snake - World Is Gone

14. Nicki Minaj ft. Francesco Yates & Zedd - Neverland

15. twenty one pilots - I Will Save You

16. Rae Sremmurd - Teamwork

17. Justin Bieber ft. Bunny Beats, Zara Larsson & Eminem - The Choice Is Yours (Part 2)

18. Vanessa Carlton - In The End

19. The Living Tombstone - It Won't Stop

20. Zedd ft. John Newman - Apocalypse

21. P!NK - Not The Right Time

22. Taylor Swift ft. twenty one pilots - Faded

23. The Skylander Boy & Girl ft. Avicii - Skylander: Falco's Adventure

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